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Breakthrough Camps

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HSB Basketball Camps


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University of Wyoming



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Finding basketball camps can be a challenge. Here’s three tips to help you through the search:

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 2. College Camps Are Organized By Size

Most of the camps below are hosted by colleges. They’re organized by:

  • Division 1 – The largest and most popular colleges. D1 includes University of Wyoming Cowboys.
  • Division 2 – The middle child, D2 is comprised of mid-size schools. They can still provide an excellent camp.
  • Division 3 and NAIA – The smallest colleges, and may be closest to home! They can provide a low camper-to-coach ratio.

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3. Basketball Camp Map

At the bottom of the page is a map of camp locations. Check it out to see what camps are close to you.

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Play With The Pros This Summer!
Denver Nuggets Basketball Camp

Denver Nuggets Basketball Camp

The Denver Nuggets host a camp in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Learn some new skills and get some Nuggets swag!

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All-Around Great Basketball Camps in Wyoming
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HSB Basketball Camps ID, WA, OR, UT More Info
Midwest Elite Greater Midwest More Info
Breakthrough Camps 40+ States More Info

D1 & NAIA College Basketball Camps
Name Location Website More Info
University of Wyoming Laramie
Casper College Casper
Central Wyoming College Riverton
Laramie County CC Cheyenne
Sheridan College Sheridan

Map of Basketball Camps in Wyoming

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