National Basketball Camps

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What’s a National Basketball Camp?

National Basketball Camps are the most popular basketball camps across the United States.

We’re talking bball camps like Nike, Breakthrough, and PGC Basketball.

Most of the National Camps have locations in several cities. Some are in over 50 cities!

Every National Camp is a little different. After you find a camp, it’s important to read up on it and make sure it’s right for you son or daughter.

Some basic questions you may want to ask yourself when reviewing camps:

  • Is this a camp for beginners?
  • Is this a camp teaching advanced skills?
  • Do they offer extended hours or an overnight option?

On every camp below, I’ll provide a review with the “need to know info on the camp. Plus, browse pictures, videos, and parent reviews.

Find out if that camp is right for your son or daughter!

One last thing.

Looking for advanced instruction? Check out our Elite Basketball Camps page. This page breaks down eveything you need to know about advanced training and camps that Showcase a players skills.

Don’t know what a Showcase camp is? Don’t worry! I explain it here:

National Basketball Camps
Nike Basketball Camps

Nike Basketball

45+ States

More Info Website
Point Guard College Basketball Camp

Point Guard College

70+ Locations

More Info Website
Breakthrough Basketball Camps

Breakthrough Camps

40+ States

More Info Website

NBC Basketball Camps

NBC Camps


More Info Website
Coach Wootten’s Basketball Camp

Wootten's Camp

Greater VA, MD, D.C.

More Info Website
McCracken Basketball Camp

McCracken Basketball


More Info Website

I’m Possible Basketball Camp

I'm Possible

Several States

More Info Website
One on One Camps

One on One Camps

Across US

<center>Midwest Elite<br> Basketball Camps</center>

Midwest Elite

Greater Midwest

More Info Website

Quick Handle Basketball Camp

Quick Handle

5 States

More Info Website
Snow Valley Basketball Schools

Snow Valley Schools

Santa Barbara, CA

More Info Website
iSG Basketball Camps

iSG Camps



Advantage Basketball Camps

Advantage Camps


More Info Website
<center>Hoop Mountain<br> Basketball Camps</center>

Hoop Mountain

US and Kuwait

More Info Website

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