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Welcome to the Hollywood of Basketball Camps!

Celebrity Basketball Camps are the most famous camps out there.

Think NBA, WNBA, NBA Pro Players (Steph Curry anyone?), Popular Colleges, and Fantasy Camps that are for adults only.

Yes, Dad, you can live out your dream of playing with players like Dwayne Wade, too!

Let’s get into the Celeb camps:

1. NBA Basketball Camps

Avid fan of G-State Warroirs, T-Town NBA Main LogoRaptors or the forever struggling (rebuilding) Sixers?

Browse the NBA Basketball Camps. Campers play with professional players, coaches, and trainers.

Many of the camps have their pro players come out and actually play with the campers. The Pros teach in drills, sign autographs, and give lectures.

Don’t forget about the swag. Camp participants receive items like T-shirts, basketballs, posters, autographs. Each camp is different so make sure to read the camp description.

Check out the NBA Camps

2. WNBA Basketball Camps

For the ladies. WNBA viewership has WNBA Basketball Camps Logobeen growing year-over-year. So has their basketball camp participation.

Check out your local WNBA team for the camp location. Get some swag and improve your daughter’s B-Ball skills!

Most NBA camps are available to girls too. So if your daughter is a huge Lakers fan, sign her up!

WNBA camps will be unique because it will only be girl participants. Talk to your daughter and get her preference.

Check out the WNBA Camps

3. NBA Player Camps

stephen-curry-girlIn addition NBA teams, many of the best basketball players in the world will host their own camps.

These camps are great because the players will often spend a lot of time with the players. The NBA Stars know the campers are their to meet them!

Campers also usually receive swag unique to that player. Such as Camp Melo t-shirts.

Keep in mind the NBA Pro Camps may be in different locations than their NBA team. For example, Rajon Rondo holds his camp where he grew up in Louisville.

Check out the NBA Player Camps

4. Popular College Basketball Camps

Duke Basketball Camp LogoBrowse a list of basketball camps for the winningest college basketball teams of the past 15 years.

It’s no coincidence that the teams that win the most in the Big Tourney also have the most popular camps.

Check out basketball camps for teams like University of Kentucky, Michigan State University, University of Florida, and University of Kansas.

Check out the Popular College Camps

5. Fantasy Basketball Camps

Dwyane Wade Adult Basketball CampLive your dream! Fantasy Basketball Camps are where adults get to experience what it’s like to be part of a college basketball program or play with famous players.

Join Coach K at Duke University, Calipari at University of Kentucky or Dwayne Wade in Miami.

Just a heads up. These camps are expensive. Some are $10,000+. But, for that price you get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Adult campers get to learn and hang out with future Hall of Fame coaches and players!

With great amenities, fancy hotels, and upscale steak dinners, a fantasy camp is like a vacation. Families are encouraged to come along too!

Check out the Fantasy Basketball Camps for adults

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