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University of Kentucky Basketball Camp

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As I’m writing this, University of Kentucky is losing to Cincinnati in the NCAA Tourney. Will they make the perfect 40-0 run?

I hope so because I have the Wildcats winning my bracket!

Now to the basketball camp stuff.

The University of Kentucky Basketball Camp offers two different camp options: The Day/Overnight camp and the Father/Son camp.

Expert tip: These camps sell out every year, so don’t wait around to sign up. You may miss the opportunity!

Day/Overnight Kentucky Camp

From everything I read this is your traditional basketball camp.

Of course what separates it from other camps is that the campers are taught by the UK staff, and players.

Which I would consider as some of the best coaches in the country.

Check out the photo gallery to see some of the players that have attended the camp. Including Anthony Davis when he played ball there. How Cool!?

Campers also get to hear John Calipari lecture and hang out on the University of Kentucky campus. That’s great because your camper gets an idea of what being on a college campus is like.

Can’t put a dollar figure on that!


Father/Son Kentucky Camp

Traditionally the most popular camp, the Father/Son camp is a lot of fun and a great bonding experience.

The family duo learns new basketball skills together throughout the camp.

At the end of camp they then take the skills learned and compete in contests against other Fathers and Sons.

I really like this too.

All of the drills are designed so that they can be taken home and done in the driveway by the Father and Son!

I went to a Father/Son camp (a long time ago), but I still remember it as a great experience with my Dad.

Kentucky Camp Swag

Every camper will recieve:

  • Wildcats Camp T-Shirt
  • Photo and autograph opportunities with Coach Calipari, UK staff, and players
  • Memories for life!

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Camp Wrap-Up

The University of Kentucky basketball camp is more than just a camp. Like the video says below, it’s an experience.

If your son loves Kentucky basketball either of the camps would be perfect for him.

And Dads, you may want to sharpen up the old basketball skills and go to the Father/Son camp.

Sign up before they fill up:

University of Kentucky Basketball Camp

Must Watch University of Kentucky Camp Videos

Great Intro to the Wildcats Camp Experience:

Behind the scenes look from a parent:

Another behind the scenes look from a parent!

Camp & Reviews and Q&A

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Camp was highlight of Grandson's life

by Camren in Winchester
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My grandson, Camren, is a huge UK fan so this camp was perfect for him. The coaching staff is patient, fun and very accommodating. He has made great friends and these experiences have been the highlight of his life.

He attended the Pro Camp this week and loved it as well. He saw Trey Lyles in a parking lot and asked if he could get a picture with him. Camren was nervous but Trey was so cool and helped him relax. How cool was that!! Camren was in heaven!

He was disappointed Willie Cully-Stein didn't show as scheduled. As an adult, I understand things come up, kids do not understand as easily. I hope Wille can make the camps next year because Camren will definitely be returning!! Go Big Blue!!!!!


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by Blake Stockton in Jacksonville Beach
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