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Rajon Rondo Basketball Camp

Need to Know Info

The Rajon Rondo Basketball Camp is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why does Rondo host his basketball camp in Louisville and not Sacremento?

Because that’s where he grew up and went to college!

The camp is run by Louisville Central High School Head Coach Doug Bibby.

One of the aspects I think is great about this camp is, according to the About Us Page, it started in 2007 and still has the same camp director.

That consistency usually means a quality camp. Coach Bibby’s 11 year-old son also participates in the camp. That is a good sign!

Something  I know you’re wondering is “how long will Rondo be at the camp?”

According to the website, he will be there 3 days! No bad. As you can see in the pictures, he will be interacting with the campers and playing in their games.

Rajon Rondo Basketball Camp Teaching Campers

The mission of Camp Rondo is to instill a good work ethic within the campers and ensure the correct development of basketball fundamentals.

Your son or daughter will learn basketball principles that they can continue to use on the court.

The camp not only focuses on fundamentals, but also on fun!

One other aspect of the Rajon Rondo Basketball Camp I really like is the focus on nutrition and leadership.

Campers will learn about the importance of rest and diet. Every day two new campers will be elected team captains to learn leadership and help coach the team.

Camp Rondo will feature many guest speakers including several current and former University of Lousiville and University of Kentucky basketball players. See them in the videos below!

Camp Swag

Every camper will receive one of the best swag packages I’ve ever a camp provide:

  • Camp Rondo backpack
  • Camp Rondo Headband
  • Camp Rondo socks (waaaa! who else gives out camp socks??)
  • Camp Rondo T-Shirt (check them out in the pics section)
  • Autographed picture with Rondo
  • Meet current and former UoL and UK players

Camp Rondo Wrap-Up

Overall, I believe Coach Bibby puts on a well-rounded basketball camp. I recommend you read his letter to parents.

FYI: These camps sells out. Don’t wait around and miss out on the opportunity. Especially if your little baller is a huge Rondo fan.

Parents. Also want to mention that you can watch your son or daughter during the camp. So if you’re a rondo fan you may want to hang out 🙂

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Must Watch Camp Rondo Videos

This is what Camp Rondo is like!

A parent’s perspective of camp:

University of Kentucky Players at Camp!:

Rondo talks about his camp:

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