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Quick Handle Basketball Camp

Located in 5 states, the Quick Handle Basketball Camp will improve a player’s ball handling, shooting and point guard skills.

Quick Handle was founded in 1992. It has a unique and exclusive teaching style. They blend a specialized basketball instruction with the teachings of Christian values.

They encourage every camper to reach his or her full potential physically, socially, academically, and spiritually.

Who is Coach Mendo?

Coach Mendo, who founded Quick Handle, has developed a comprehensive “pyramid of skills” development program that consists of drills that can only be found at the camp.

Read about Coach Mendo’s background. You’ll get a feel for how passionate he is for providing cutting edge training. This passion is infectious.

Not only does his camp counselors have the passion, but campers pick it up to. It’s a love for the game of basketball that sticks with campers for the rest of their lives.

Training Programs

In addition to summer camps, Quick Handle offers several basketball programs, including:

  • 1 on 1 lessons: personalized instruction

  • Academies: intense skills development, emphasizing ball handling, moves off the dribble, footwork, and proper shooting.
  • Specialized Skills Training: designed to enhance specific skills in a smaller group setting. For example, Shooting Class, Quick First Step/ Box D Combo Class, Point Guard/Wing Class, and Point Guard/Post Class.

  • Clinics & Team Services: clinics can be held in your local city. Contact Quick Handle for additional information.

Quick Handle Wrap-Up

Overall, Quick Handle offers cutting edge training for a great price. Coach Mendo is one of the most passionate and motivating coaches in the country.

Your son or daughter may leave this camp with a whole new perspective not only in basketball, but in life.

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