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Point Guard College Basketball Camp

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Full disclosure: I attended Point Guard College basketball camp when I was 15 years old. It was held at Emory University in Atlanta.

And I loved going to this camp.

I think I loved it so much because of how much you “learn the game” during camp. Of the 30+ camps I attended it was by far the most educational.

There’s a reason why it’s called Point Guard College and not Point Guard Camp.

Campers get an all around basketball education. It’s not just about skills. Leadership training is a huge part of the camp too. Things like how to be a coach on the court, and a leader in games, practice and everyday life.

Don’t get confused. PGC isn’t just for Point Guards. There is an emphasis on seeing the game from a point guard’s perspective. But 95% of the fundamentals taught at the camp are useful for any basketball position.

Three features I think separate PGC from all other camps:

1. Time spent in the classroom.

Don’t think just because there’s classroom time this camp will be boring. Quite the opposite.

All my trainers were really engaging. There are video analysis sessions to learn from other’s mistakes. There are lively class discussions too.

This isn’t like real college with a boring professor lecturing for 2 hours straight. Yawn.

After the classroom time, players are brought to the court to apply what they learned.

And the workouts are intense. Everyone’s expected to go full speed and push their comfort zone.

By the last morning of the camp I was so tired after breakfast I literally feel asleep in a chair.

Lessons taught at camp are based on the books written by Dick DeVenzio, a former standout Point Guard at Duke. He originally started the camp back in the day.

His books discuss the “little things” in basketball that make good players great. I read all of his books when I was a young athlete. I promise they are unlike any basketball book out there. I highly recommend reading them. They’re sold on the PGC website.

2. Emphasis on Leadership.

Point Guard College will get into the nuts and bolts of what being a good leader means. Can’t find this anywhere else folks.

They believe leading by example is not enough. Great leaders also must talk. Communication is the key to being a floor general.

PGC knows how to run a practice. They teach that winning teams have a loud practice. Lots of talk. Lots of teaching. Lots of communication.

Campers will learn how to bring this intensity and leadership back to their high school practices.

Watch this video for an example of how leadership will be taught to campers:

3. 110% Guarantee

There aren’t many products or programs out there that will pay YOU if you are unsatisfied. But PGC does just that.

PGC is confident you’ll have a learning experience that will transform your game.

Last year, out of thousands of athletes only 18 asked for their money back.

Before you sign up, remember, Point Guard College is not for everyone.

Camp Swag:

  • PGC shirt
  • Lots of other gear available for purchase. Check it out in the pics gallery
  • You will have the opportunity to buy their basketball books before the camp. I highly recommend reading the books so you’re more prepared for camp.

*Most of the swag you’ll receive at this camp is in the form of learning. Sounds lame, but this is a serious camp dedicated to creating the complete player. Giving away cool stuff isn’t what makes PGC special.

Click here to view the 2015 Schedule with over 75 different sessions. Sign up early and get a $100 gift pack.

Final Word

PGC Basketball Camps are one of the best camps out there to improve your basketball IQ and master the “little things” in basketball.

Their teachings are truly one of a kind and if taken seriously can take your game to the next level.

Sign up for one of their camps today! PGC Basketball Camps

Must Watch Videos:

Great overview of the camp:

In the Words of Mano Watsa – President of PGC:

Review of the Point Guard College – different perspective:

Camp & Reviews and Q&A

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Serious Camp For Serious Ball Players

by Michael C in UC Riverside, CA
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My son is a really tough kid to please. He finds most camps not challenging and not fun. Not this time.

He really liked PGC Basketball and said he learned a lot. Not to mention, half the time they spent in the classroom and he even said those were great too.

It was his first sleepover basketball camp. He said it was really fun, even if he was exhausted at the end of each day.

At first, he found the competitive level of the boys his age was not great so the coaches moved him into a higher level of boys.

Overall, PGC Basketball is a serious camp for serious ball players.


Helps players develop on and off the court

by Aaron B in Across the country
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PGC does an outstanding job of teaching the mental side of the game. The camp uses both classroom and on-court sessions to help players improve their basketball habits.

Coaches use video clips as teaching tools, and players get a ton of reps on the court. The coaches really focus on leadership development, so the camp helps players develop on and off the court.

My only criticism is that there are a lot of players and few coaches. However, I think this is by design, as the coaches really want players to be independent and learn to self-correct and provide feedback to their teammates.

I have sent twelve players to PGC and each have had a wonderful experience. It is fun and informative, and players will leave as better players, teammates, and leaders.


Great Learning Experience!

by Adam Nelson in New Hampshire
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It was a great camp to go to if you want to step your game up to the next level. It's not all on the court either it also is in the class room with "film sessions", which shows you how some of the best in the world are doing the same stuff they are teaching you. Overall a great, great camp.


Want to go back!

by Justin in California
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I really enjoyed PGC. It helped learn more about the game. The camp gave me more confidence with my game when I'm on the court.

I perfected my jump stomp, which we spent a couple hours on during the camp.

I liked how we worked on specific things we can do day 1 when we get back to school ball. Like staying away from the out of bounds line. And don't dribbling in one place for too long.

I don't have any bad things to say. I wish i could go back!


Does wonders for your game

by Moneer in Sacramento, California
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Great camp; Do not get misleaded by the name. This camp has something for all positions to learn.

PGC is a high skill level camp that truly does wonders for your game. You will improve mentally, physically and intellectually after going to this camp.

Mentally - I was surrounded with some of the best players in California. With excellent coaches.

Physically - Fast paced drills. Had to give 110%. Trainers got us pumped up.

Intellectually - spent a lot of time in the classroom learning fundamentals of the game. Have a book full of notes to keep studying!


Point Guard College Question

by Patricia Lynn in Canada

Question: I would like to send my 12 year old to your camp from Canada. Can I get a room at the same place my son will be staying at. If so, what would the charge be for the week?

Answer: Hi Patty, I'm excited to hear that you are interested in sending your son to a PGC session in Canada. Unfortunately, parents cannot attend unless they are also registered as an attendee. If you would like to stay in the dorm, you can register as an observing coach and receive a 50% discount off your tuition. If you register you and your son before March 15, you will both receive an additional $100 off the tuition price. Please feel free to contact us directly at or at 1-866-338-2308. Sincerely, Margie Williamson