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“I love the coaches. That’s what keeps me coming back every year!” – Jesse, NBC camper

NBC Basketball Camp has been instructing campers for over 40 years.

Over those years, NBC has grown to operate the largest overnight basketball camp in the world.

What make NBC unique is that they really do mean “in the world”. They host camps in 6 different countries!

They’ve also taught the largest number of basketball campers I’ve seen to date:

Over 250,000 campers.

As a camper your son or daughter will learn basketball skills like:

  • Learn how to become a pure shooter
  • Advance overall basketball understanding
  • Perfect offensive moves
  • Become a stronger leader
  • Improve the defensive mindset
  • Sharpen ball handling skills
  • Work with coaches to achieve basketball goals

Love. Belonging. Success.

How camps go about teaching basketball fundamentals is very important.

Video: A glimpse into how NBC instructs campers, made specifically for parents:

Notice in the video above, what Fred Crowell, President of NBC Camps said. He talked about giving campers love.

I’ve never heard love as a camp goal before.

Love, Belonging, and Success is an interesting mixture.

If the camper feels cared for, then they feel like they belong. Similar to a family.

When a camper feels like they belong, they will be more willing to push themselves and make mistakes.

This is a recipe for success.

Push themselves and make mistakes. This is a great life lesson as well.

A good term for the teaching philosophy at NBC is empathetic instruction.

From watching that video above you can tell that NBC places an emphasis on the EQ (emotional intelligence) of their trainers.

Having the basketball knowledge isn’t enough. It’s the coaching with care that really matters.

“If campers believe they are a miracle, they act like they’re a miracle. If they believe they’re a failure, they will act like they are a failure.” – Fred Crowell, NBC Camps President

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Camp Options

Day Camp – Classic option from 9am-4pm. Lunch may not be provided. Depends on the camp location.

*Extended Day option is available. Camp hours are 9am – 9pm. 12 hours of basketball!

Find the Extended Day Camp option listed under the Overnight Camps.

Overnight Camp – NBC has the largest network of overnight basketball camps in the world.

I’ve noticed each overnight camp is a little different. Here are some additional features you may find on the camp page:

  • Complete Player Camp
  • Pure Shooting and Attack Move Basketball Camp (sells out quickly)
  • “VIP Upgrade” with exclusive t-shirt and drawstring bag for early registration
  • Semi-private bathrooms (as compared to community bathrooms, find these in old dorms)
  • Campus pool
  • Evening Programs
  • Try out for a Competitive International Team. Travel overseas and compete!
  • Special $40 discount

Read up on the camp in your area for the full details.

I also recommend on reading the camp reviews for the parent/player’s perspective of camp!

Video: Great intro to NBC Basketball Camps:

Cancellation Protection: Peace of Mind Policy

As a parent, the Peace of Mind Refund Policy may be something you’re interested in.

For an additional $50 you can purchase cancelation protection. Cancel by the “balance due” date and receive a refund of all Camp Tuition.

This may be a good idea if your son or daughter is recovering from an injury. Or if you have a family emergency during camp.

*FYI: The Peace of Mind policy isn’t available at every camp. Check to see if it is available at your location!

NBC Basketball Camp Wrap-Up

What I think separates NBC Basketball Camps from their camp competition is their emphatic approach towards campers.

I believe the Love, Belonging, Success is a winning formula.

Pushing kids with emphatic coaching is a healthy approach to get kids to push themselves and make mistakes.

With over 40 years of experience developing this formula I think NBC has it figured out.

Click here to earn more about NBC Basketball Camps and sign up today!

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