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Need To Know Midwest Elite Camp Info

I love what Midwest Elite Basketball does for basketball camps.

They host what are called “satellite camps”. I believe they are the only basketball program that does this on a large scale.

This is how is works: Get at least 15 players together, find a gym, and MEB will literally come to you and host a basketball camp.

If you’re a high school team this cuts the costs of going to a team camp drastically. Costs like traveling, lodging, and meals are eliminated.

Midwest Elite Basketball (MEB) saves the campers and basketball team lots of cash.

How sweet is that!?

High school teams are the most common camp participants. But, any group of high school aged basketball players with a gym can organize a camp.

The average camp size is right under 20 participants. And MEB has hosted camps with nearly 100 campers. As long as the gym can handle the athletes, there is no limit on the number of campers!

Midwest Elite will also cater teachings to the high school coach’s basketball philosophy.

Some teams are offensive minded and fast break all-day, some are defensive minded and full-court press, some teams pack-it-in with a conservative zone, and some are a 10-passes motion offense before a shot is even taken.

Before the camp, a coach will fill out a  questionnaire so MEB better understands how that team plays.

MEB Camps Location

Midwest Elite Basketball Camps are obviously located in the midwest.

What isn’t obvious is the 13 different states they host camps in. And it’s growing.

Check out the map of where the states in the pic gallery on the right.

If you’re in one of the neighboring states on the map then definitely reach out and see if MEB will come to you. They just might!

Midwest Elite Basketball Staff

Another cool aspect of Midwest Elite Basketball is their camp staff of over 70 college coaches from all over the U.S.

Basketball players love the idea of bringing current college coaches into their gym. The players really respect and pay attention to the college coaches. Especially if the players have aspirations to play at the next level.

MEB has coaches from midwest colleges and universities such as:

  • Montana State University
  • Western State Colorado University
  • East Central University in Oklahoma
  • Rock Valley College
  • Culver Stockton College
  • Rock Valley College
  • University of Minnesota Duluth
  • And many more!

Midwest Elite Basketball Camp Swag

MEB provides campers with only one piece of camp swag. I’ve actually never seen this given away before at a camp.

They give away an MEB silicone gel band:

MEB Camp Swag

I like the band. It’s simple and motivating. It’s a twist on #nodaysoff…”Basketball Never Stops”.

Whatever MEB lacks in swag, they make up for in personalized player and team development.

Midwest Elite Basketball Camp Wrap-Up

Like I said I love MEB’s idea of bringing the camp to your gym. It’s unique and saves High Schools a lot of money.

I’ll wrap-up with 6 reasons to choose a Midwest Elite Basketball:

  1. Cut costs of team camps
  2. Develop individual player and the team skills
  3. Train not only top players, but role and younger players
  4. Is a skill development academy, and not a scrimmage academy
  5. Training curriculum based on the coach’s philosophy
  6. Train with college coaches in your gym!

Check out the camps today:

Midwest Elite Basketball Camps

Must Watch Midwest Elite Camp Videos

Video on what Midwest Elite Basketball Camps is all about:

Midwest Elite Basketball from Sport Ngin on Vimeo.

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