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McCracken Basketball Camp

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The McCracken Basketball Camp is one of the longest running basketball camps in the country.

They have been in business over 50 years and have taught over 125,000 basketball campers.

When the McCracken started, JFK was still president!

The fact that the camp has been running so long means a couple things.

One, I believe it indicates a quality camp because campers keep showing up year after year.

And two, I believe campers keep showing up because with every year of instruction, the camp keeps improving.

Keeps improving the drills, methods of instruction and ultimately the campers themselves.

Here’s a great McCracken Intro Video by current Camp Director Todd German:

Who is Todd German?

I really like this story: How many camps can tell you their current camp director was once a camper him or herself?

Not many…

Todd German can! Todd was once a camper at McCracken. Afterward he became a counselor and eventually the Camp Director.

Todd has been with McCracken for over 40 years. One thing I took from the video above is he is passionate about the game and getting kids better at basketball.

Personal Attention On And Off The Court

McCracken Basketball Camp Personal AttentionWhen parents ask Todd why they should send their kid to his camp, he always has the same response:

Personal attention for each player on and off the court.

McCracken makes it a point to give every individual camper a unique experience.

McCracken isn’t an assembly line camp, stuffing kids into slots.

*Unfortunately, some camps are like that. They often take on as many kids as possible to earn the most revenue. I’ve attended a couple of those camps and they should be avoided!

The personal attention is also reflected in a parents review of the McCracken Camp. Check it out below!

Extended Camp Hours

McCracken Basketball Camp Free Throw LectureWant to commute your son or daughter to camp and save money on the Overnight stay costs? Consider the Extended Hours. They are 9am – 9pm.

The regular Day Camp hours are from 9am – 4pm.

That’s an extra 4ish hours of basketball! (have to eat dinner, right?)

If you can afford the overnight camp, I recommend signing up for it instead of the Extended Hours.

I believe the camp experience is much better when you get to stay overnight. It also helps your son and daughter develop social skills.

It’s just not the same with Mom or Dad picking you up when your friends go back to the dorm.

Plus, getting your son or daughter out of the house for a few days may not be a bad idea!

Here’s a great video of the energy level at a McCracken Camp:

McCracken Basketball Camp Wrap-Up

The experience, the passion, and the camper first mindset are all reasons why I believe McCracken is a quality basketball camp.

Camp Directors can say one thing and completely do another. But, I don’t believe that is the case with Todd German and McCracken.

Give your son or daughter a great summer experience:

Read more about the McCracken Basketball Camp and sign up for one today!

Camp & Reviews and Q&A

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Great one on one time with my camper

by Lilla C in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
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The coaching staff was great. They were very helpful to the parents and extremely attentive to the campers.

My camper told my husband and I he was amazed and grateful at the one-on-one time the coaches spent with the him and the other kids.

He feels like he learned a lot and is looking forward to attending the camp again.

Overall, I can't say anything negative about this camp. It was a great camp with good facilities and the best coaching staff!