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The first thing you need to know about Impact Basketball Camps is that it’s much more than basketball skill training.

Consider the camp Basketball Performance Training.

Performance is the key word here because the camp includes not only Skill Development, but also:

  • Nutrition
  • Mentality
  • Strength & Conditioning and
  • Physical Therapy

Joe Abunassar, creator of Impact Basketball Training, took the same techniques he used to train NBA players and created a training program specifically for young basketball players.

Impact Bsketball 5 Development Pillars

Couple other thoughts before we get into the details.

Over 100 NBA Draft picks in the past 7 years have come through Impact. Joe has a reputation for quality training in the professional training world.

Impact Basketball is top-notch training for players who want to become elite.

*If you’re thinking of attending Impact, watch this video for a behind the scenes experience from an Impact Camper:

Who’s Joe Abunassar?

Impact Basketball Joe Abunassar and Pro PlayerI mentioned the creator of Impact Basketball above. As an avid triathlete and 14-time Ironman, Joe Abunassar knows his performance training.

He first started his basketball performance training businesses in Bloomington, Indiana. Some of his early clients include Kevin Garnett, Chauncey Billups, Tyronn Lue, and Tayshaun Prince.


Working with these elite level players allowed Joe to perfect his training system over the years.

In 2006, Joe founded Impact Basketball and now has trained over 200 NBA professionals, McDonalds All-Americans, foreign professionals, as well as numerous youth players from all over the world.

5 Training Camp Pillars – The Foundation

Every camp is based on 5 Foundational Elements:

1. On Court Development – intense small-group instruction

2. Performance Training – Age specific training to improve athleticism

3. Competitive Development – “real-game” instruction

4. Nutrition Education – info on what to eat to become a better athlete

5. Campus Experience  exposure to diversity with over 30 countries represented each summer

Impact Basketball Serge Ibaka Quote

What I Like About Impact

*All trainers at Impact Basketball have collegiate level development experience.

I see many camps that will have trainers that are current high school coaches or have never played above the high school level.

College level playing and coaching experience is important to developing the mindset of upper level training.

*With a 6:1 camper-to-catch ratio there is lots of elite coaching time for you son or daughter.

*If your son or daughter is looking to play at a level above college, I really like the fact that this camp surrounds them with NBA caliber players. They may not play against them, but the will be training alongside of them.

They will learn the work ethic that is necessary to play at a high level in college or professionally.

*Notice the Nutrition Education. I really like this aspect of the camp. Not many basketball camps touch on the importance of nutrition.

Remember, as your son or daughter gets older, they will rely more and more on themselves to get their meals. The more the know about nutrition and how it affects their body (especially as an athlete), the better decisions they will make on their own.

Training Schedule

Impact Basketball Summer Training Schedule

Couple thoughts on the Training Schedule.

I really like the performance training mixed in with the basketball training. Your son or daughter can take this training knowledge back home with them. This will help them improve their overall athleticism

I also like the break in the evening for personal time.

I believe this free time is important in a camp longer than a week. 10-12 hours of basketball a day can get overwhelming and the player can get burnt out.

As a parent, your job to to defend against burn out!

At Impact, a camper is only required to have 7 hours of player development each day. If she or he wants to get in some extra shots in the evening, that’s up to them!

Save on Multi Week Camps

If you’re considering sending your son or daughter to multiple basketball camps this summer, why not sign up for multiple weeks at the same camp?

Impact provides a Boarding (sleeping at Impact…no, it won’t be in the gym! Check out the video above for a tour of facilities) and Non-boarding.

The more weeks your sign up, the more cash you will save.

If you go to an early summer session, your son or daughter can actually spend up to 4 weeks at camp.

Although $5,000 for a month-long boarding camp does sound like a lot, I’ve looked up a few traditional summer camps with a month of boarding and the prices are comparable.

Given the elite training surrounded with professional-level players, the cost is extremely comparable.

Remote Mini Camps

Want to train with Impact, but can’t travel to their location? They may come to you!

If you’re a coach or parent active in your son or daughter’s basketball development, consider requesting a mini-camp.

Impact will take their Training System and their staff to train your group of players.

Impact Basketball Wrap-Up

We covered a lot here with Impact Basketball.

If you take away one thing from this review, it’s that Impact Basketball is a professional basketball training system designed to take your son or daughter to the next level.

From what I’ve read, Impact has perfected the idea of “Work Smarter, Not Harder”.

Working hard is a given. Every player must work hard.

Working smarter on the right drills will help you son or daughter Get, Better Faster at basketball.

Although the camp is expensive compared to a traditional basketball camp, your son or daughter will learn pro-level skills and training drills that will pay off for years to come.

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