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Husson University Basketball Camp

Husson University Basketball Camp

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Eagles BBall Day Camp - Disappointed

by Sarah D in Bangor, Maine
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I will have to say that this camp did not meet my expectations whatsoever.

Even though it was the same age range as UMaine camp, it did not challenge me. I felt as if it was geared more for the really young campers like the 3rd graders.

Personally, if you are trying to take up time at the end of camp and want to suggest duck, duck, goose then that should be your telltale sign of not a quality camp. Luckily it was voted on NOT to do that, thank goodness!

The other thing I was a little dismayed about is the scrimmages and plays where the coaches or refs were concerned. It appeared that one guy was seeing another lady coach who played as referee. They were more into helping each other's team win they were coaching or refereeing. I think you get the point.

Just wasn't happy with this camp at all and thank goodness I didn't go to the overnight. Maybe it is because I came from UMaine first. I don't know.

If I had to say something good about the camp, I guess it was nice that this was a more local camp and closer to where I live. I am glad that it was just the day camp.

Overall, this would be a good camp if I were in the 3rd grade. Great place to start and learn but not challenging or a learning experience if you are 11 or older.