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Need To Know Hoop Mountain Info

Hoop Mountain basketball camps offer several different programs for players across the country.

They specialize in college showcase camps, (also called exposure camps) but they also have skills and specialty camps for players of all ages.

For example, the New England region provides showcase camps, day camps, overnight camps, a point guard academy, post player camp, a shooting clinic, and vacation camps.

Training for every kind of basketball player!

Discover Camps in Your Region

Wondering if Hoop Mountain has programs where you live?

Check out the Photo Gallery. The first picture is a map of all the regions where they host camps.

This is the easiest way to find out if Hoop Mountain offers a program right for you:

1. Visit their main website

2. Click on the region where you live in because each region has different camps

3. The regional page will give details about camps in your area

Hoop Mountain Showcase Basketball Camps

Just a heads up, I did find some regions that only had showcase camps.

Showcase (also called exposure) camps are for athletes with ambitions to play in college.

They’re different than a traditional camp because local coaches for D1, D2, D3, and Junior colleges are invited to the camp to watch the campers play.

You’ll see Showcase camps everywhere. This is because a lot of smaller colleges don’t get the the best, most well known players in the area.

Smaller colleges have to look for the really good talent that the larger colleges may have looked over.

The showcase camps are a great way to become discovered as a basketball player, especially if you live in a small town or go to a small school.

Anyways, even if your son or daughter is younger, it’s good to be familiar with the Showcase camps.

You never know if they will want to play in college one day!

Check out this video of a Hoop Mountain Showcase Camp:

Get a Highlight Video

Something cool I saw offered at the Hoop Mountain midwest region was the option of getting a highlight video made.

Highlight videos are important because college coaches don’t have the time to visit every player they want to recruit.

Coaches often use highlight videos to figure out which players they should be recruiting.

The highlight video works like this: you play your hardest and show off your best game at camp. Hoop Mountain records you playing and creates a mixtape video showing off your skills.

They will then post it to YouTube and send to D1, D2, and D3 colleges to help you get discovered!

Kuwait Basketball Camp

Hoop Mountain features a basketball camp in a country you may or may not have heard of called Kuwait.

Kuwait!? What the heck?

If you’re wondering where Kuwait is located, it is a little country in the Middle East right below Iraq.

I rarely come across a basketball camp in the middle east, so if you live in Kuwait or will be vacationing there, it’s definitely worth a look!

Check out this video of the camp launch in Kuwait:

Hoop Mountain Basketball Camps Wrap-Up

Even though Hoop Mountain basketball camps specialize and are known for basketball camps that expose players to college coaches, they offer many other training programs to basketball players.

Some regions have a crazy amount of programs available year-round.

All the training programs I saw online looked high quality with great coaches. Many of the camps have been around since the late ‘80s and have trained thousands of young athletes.

Check out your region to see what they offer!

Hoop Mountain Basketball Camps

Must Watch Hoop Mountain Videos

Great Hoop Mountain Intro Video:

Girls – Learn new skills at a camp like this!

Camp & Reviews and Q&A

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Overall Happy With The Camp For My Son

by Chad A in Norman, Oklahoma
  • Star
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  • Star

My son received great post and wing instruction from Hoop Mountain in Norman.

The camper-to-coach ratio was good so he got a lot of one-on-one instruction in his basketball position.

The gyms were great too. All in good condition. I've been to camps where the gyms were just so-so.

I did think the camp was a little basic for my son. We were looking for more advanced instruction. He pretty much worked on skills he already had.

Overall, this would be a great camp for an intermediate player looking to fine tune his or her skills.