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Visit the Five-Star Basketball Camps site and the first thing you’ll notice is their rich history.

The camp has been in existence for over 50 years. Five-Star boasts they were the first specialized sports camp. Stations were invented there too.

Five-Star has over 250,000 alumni and it’s growing. They’ve helped train 500 NBA players and 10,000 Division 1 players.

More than any basketball camp in history. Wow.


The list of notable camp alumni is crazy long. Hundreds of the best Pro Players and Coaches have attended the camp.

Players like Lebron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant and the one and only Michael Jordan. Coaches like Rick Pitino, Billy Donovan, and John Calipari.

In the past, the camp was strictly an elite camp for the best players in the country. Now, it’s open to any motivated players.

Five-Star Basketball Camps Overview

Five-Star hosts dozens of day and overnight camps for boys and girls.

Every Five Star camp puts every player on the court for more than twenty-five hours. Which is a lot compared to most camps.

Every camp aims to teach technical skills, athletic skills, and psychological skills.

Technical skills are developed through rigorous training sessions including: six set of stations, a fast break competition, playoffs, three league games, and a no-dribble or situational tournament.

Athletic skill development is a new addition to the Five-Star program. Called Station 14, campers go through drills and workouts to help increase speed, agility, quickness and strength.

Psychological skills (the mental game) are developed through keynote speakers in the field of sports psychotherapy. Past camp speakers have touched on life skills, social media, academics, drug use, and family.

Training Camps

If you’re concerned about the strenuous activity of four days at a Five-Star basketball camp, then the Training Camp might be what you’re looking for.

The Training camp is for one full day. It’s the same drills at a traditional camp like the stations, play 5-on-5, and a workout at Station 14.

Super Sessions

Although the traditional Five-Star camp is open to any motivated player looking to get better, they still have Elite Camps called “Super Sessions”.

The Super Session is for high school varsity players and is invite only. You must get invited by a Five-Star coach, be a nationally ranked player or accepted by Five-Star with a coach’s recommendation.

Super Sessions are to help players prepare for college ball and compete with equal talent across the country.

If you get to the Super Session and excel they may be putting your name up in the notable alumni section one day!

Financial Assistance

Five-Star does have a Financial Assistance “Grant” for disadvantaged athletes.

The Grant is to help worthy student-athletes of strong character and good academics attend the camp.

To be eligible for the Grant you must provide a letter of recommendation from a School Administrator or non-profit organization.

There are strict guidelines for the letter of recommendation. Check out the Five-Star Grant specifics here.

Five-Star Camp Swag

  • Five-Star Performance Shirt
  • Opportunity to get invited to a Super Session
  • Potential Exposure to college recruiters

Five-Star Basketball Tips

I also recommend signing up for the Five-Star morning basketball tips. You can sign up for them on their home page.

I’ve been getting the tips them for a couple months and they only take about 15 seconds to read. Short and to the point.

The tips definitely get you thinking about the game.

Sometimes the tip is a good reminder of what you need to improve in your game. Don’t be complacent, always keep improving!

Five-Star Basketball Camps Wrap-Up

If you’re looking to have an opportunity to play against the top basketball talent in the country, Five-Star is a great opportunity.

Attend one of their traditional camps, get invited to a Super Session, and have an opportunity to shine.

Even if you’re just looking for a traditional basketball camp, Five-Star has had over 50 years to develop a top-notch basketball curriculum.

The fact that in the videos below NBA players like MJ, Steph Curry, and Chirs Paul all support Five-Star gives me confidence in their camp.

Check out the camps for yourself! Five Star Basketball Camps

Must Watch Five-Star Basketball Camp Videos

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Great Intro to Five-Star:

What Steph Curry has to say about Five Star:

Michael Jordan at Five-Star!

Behind the scenes look at a Five-Star Camp:


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