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East Central Basketball Academy

East Central Basketball Academy Washington

Read a parent’s review below of the East Central Basketball Academy.

The East Central Community Center provide a wide range of sports camps and training in greater Spokane.

Basketball-wise there are summer camps, basketball training on Saturdays, and 3-on-3 tournaments.

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Overall, very good camp for my daughter

by K Fisch in Spokane
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The coaches were great! All were former college players or current local high school players helping the younger, group.

The coaches taught fundamentals and fun play in games.

The second group was mainly for middle school kids and more intermediate type players. They worked on simple counter attack offense and defensive strategies.

The third group was for the more advanced, serious high school players. It seemed a lot more intense and these kids were getting after it!

The best part of the camp… it was super affordable!

If I did have to say something I didn’t like (if anything) it was sometimes too fast paced and maybe slightly confusing to the younger beginner kids. They pack a lot into an hour session.

But, overall my daughter had a lot of fun and learned A LOT.

I also liked that the camp mixed boys and girls by skill level and not by grade level.

It makes a big difference to have kids that can ALL do the move rather than having a 10 year old who can’t dribble and a 10 year that has the basic fundamentals down trying to do the same thing.

The camp had levels for each player to graduate into. I think there were 5 different skill levels? Which really helped out players of all skill levels get better.

Overall, very good for a new camp here in Spokane.