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“Nothing great is accomplished without enthusiasm” – Coach Wootten

With over 50 years of experience teaching men and women the fundamentals of basketball, Coach Wootten’s Basketball Camp (CWBC) is one of the longest running camps in the U.S.

From all that experience, Wootten’s Camp is defined by unique training philosophies that are emphasized at every camp:

  • Campers are given a “personal touch“. For a player to reach their potential, he or she needs an individual coach working with them until their weaknesses become strengths.
  • Every camper receives an individual workout sheet. This is an organized way for a camper to work on their skills after camp is over.
  • In addition to working hard, teach campers to work smart. (working smart is a great way to get better, faster at basketball!)
  • Basketball and life are not separate. The hard work, dedication, and sacrifice campers learn to bring to the game of basketball transfers over to all areas of life.

A good indication of a quality camp is when past campers come and speak.

Check out Duke Alum and National Champ Quinn Cook speaking to campers:

Who is Coach Morgan Wootten?

Coach Wootten BasketballCoach Wootten is the winningest coach in organized sports. He had an amazing 1,274 wins as coach at DeMatha High School with a winning percentage of .869. In 2000, Coach Wootten was inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

Wow. The guy can win.

Consistently winning 1,274 games means Coach Wootten knows his basketball. He also knows how to teach it to young athletes and get them to perform.

His son, Joe Wootten also has a stellar basketball history as a player and coach. Joe is currently the camp director.

Here’s a video of Coach Wootten discussing LeBron James. Lots of wisdom!:

What’s Special About Coach Wootten’s Camp?

First thing I noticed that separates CWBC from other camps is the hours.

Every day camp runs from 9am to 9pm.

During these 12 hours there’s very little “free time”. All time at camp is spent learning.

A 3-step approach is used to learn new skills and put them into action:

  1. Learn the skills
  2. Practice the skills in drills
  3. Participate in games with a professional coach to put the new skills into action

Not many camps are this thorough when teaching new skills. I believe it takes this kind of repetition to truly learn a new skill.

In addition to the 9am to 9pm camp, there’s also an optional 6am Rise and Grind and a 9pm gym-rat training session.

Your son or daughter could have a 16-hour day of basketball!

Talk about bang for your buck.

Word of caution here. If your son or daughter is playing 16 hours of basketball, make sure they check-in with their body. Slow down the training pace if their muscles are overly tired. Don’t risk an injury!

What also separates CWBC from others is the low camper-to-coach ratio.

An 8 to 1 camper-to-coach ratio may be the lowest ratio in the country.

This low ratio gives your son or daughter plenty of instruction time. More instruction time means more learning!

Speaking of instruction, here is a video of Joe Wootten teaching an offensive skill. Great example of the type of teaching at camp:

Wootten Training Programs

Coach Wootten offers several training programs for players of all ages and skills levels.

Basketball Camps

Lots of options here. You can sign up for a traditional summer day camp or an overnight camp. Boys and girls are separated for the overnight camp.

One of my favorite camps is the Father/Son camp.

I like these camps because Dads can take the drills they learn and continue to practice them with their son after the camp is over.

The Wootten Father/Son camp also provides parenting tips for athletes. Dads learn how to work out with their son and how to use basketball to foster a great relationship.

Love this!

There’s also an Academic All-American Camp for players with college ambitions.

Evaluations of each camper will be sent to over 350 colleges.

Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to get into this camp!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Girls Camp:

Individual Instruction

This is a great opportunity for year-round training.

There’s two training location options.

One, a Wootten Camp staff member will come to a gym near you to do personalized training.

Or two, you could bring your son or daughter to the O’Connell High School in Arlington, VA.

Personal Training is a great way to continue working on skill gaps after the camp is over.

A couple things to consider before inquiring about Individual Instruction:

  • How many nights of training per week?
  • Duration of workout? (60, 90, 120 minutes)
  • What fundamental skills would the camper like addressed?

Coach Wootten’s Basketball Camp Wrap-Up

Coach Wootten Basketball Camp Camper Quote

Some of the aspects of the Wootten Camp I believe are important:

  • Over 50 years of basketball training experience
  • An emphasis on individual training and the “Personal Touch” of basketball
  • 12+ hours of basketball learning per day
  • Low camper-to-coach ratio

What isn’t to love about Coach Wootten’s Basketball Camp?

If you live in the DMV area, I think this camp has got to be on your summer camp list.

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