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Breakthrough Basketball Camps

It won’t be hard to find a Breakthrough Basketball Camp near you. They hold 100+ camps in over 40 states!

It also won’t be hard to find your perfect camp at Breakthrough. They have 7 different types of camps. Each one will be unique for the age, position, and skill of the camper.

After attending a camp players will improve their shooting, passing, ball handling, scoring, mental game, decision making, footwork, leadership, and aggressiveness.

Before they put on any camps, Breakthrough Basketball’s website actually specialized in drills. They take their expert knowledge of drills and apply it to their camps. Check out their YouTube Channel to see what their drills are like.

Camps Available

Attack & Counter Basketball Camps
For older players who are serious about the game.

Ballhandeling, Shooting, and Decision Training Camps
All around skill development. Music is incorporated into the training to make it fun, yet challenging.

Elite Guard Camps
Another advanced camp. Will cover all aspects of guard play.

Complete Youth Skills Camp
For younger campers who want to develop into a complete player.

Ballhandeling & Finishing Camps
Also focuses on footwork to get to the hoop with the ball. Not too intenseness for younger players.

Shooting Camps
Heavy on technique and getting down the perfect shot. Learn the intangibles of becoming a great shooter.

Post Player Camps
A great camp for guards too. Guards need the ability to play inside and out!

Camp Scholarships

Breakthrough Basketball does provide scholarships to needy players. This is special because not many camps do this. Nike actually can’t provide scholarship because of their relationship sponsoring colleges.

There is an application that has to be filled out. And a letter of recommendation is needed to vouch for academic performance. Demand has also exceeded supply so it is difficult to get a scholarship. But is still worth a try if you can’t afford the camp.

Limited Spots Available!

What we really like about Breakthrough Basketball camps are their limited spots available per camp. Between 36-80 campers MAX.

This is so great because they aren’t loading their camps with as much campers as possible. The less campers, the more individual attention given to each camper. Higher repetitions and improvement. They make less money per camp but stick with their goal of helping players improve their skills.

Don’t miss out before the camp fills up – Sign Up Today! Breakthrough Basketball Camps

Remember: each camp is unique to it’s area. Make sure to click through to your location to get the most accurate info.

In additional to hosting camps, Breakthrough Basketball also has a ton of basketball knowledge on their site. From offensive plays for coaches to individual training tips for players. We highly recommend you check it out. But, be warned. There’s so much information you could loose yourself in their site for hours. Just like we did.

Must Watch Breakthrough Basketball Camp Videos

Great Testimonials from Parents:

Sneak Peak into Elite Guard Camp:

Good indication of the quality of the camps:


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Camp & Reviews and Q&A

3 Reviews , 1 Q&As

Breakthrough Elite Guard Camp

by David O in St. Louis, Missouri
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This was a great camp. My son really appreciated the lots of basketball information and the really good drills.

There was a lot of hands on training, which was great because he was able to really master the drills.

My only complaint is that I wish it was longer!


Breakthrough Youth Skills

by Darrius P in Dallas, Texas
  • Star
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I have attended only five camps but the Breakthrough Camp was the best.

I don't know if all Breakthrough Camps have the same instructor, but Mr. Charlie Miller was very hands on.

The first day everyone wore name tags and by day two he knew every camper there by name. Which is pretty amazing because there was 40- 50 kids there.

The drills that we ran are the same drills that major college and NBA teams run. Every drill was ran in a competitive manner and if you didn't do it right the instructors would stop you, give you instructions again and let you do it again until you got it right.

All of the instructors at the camp either played Division 1 College, NBA, WNBA, or coached at the college level so they know what it takes to reach the next level.

Although everything was a learning process it was done in a way that seemed like you were just having fun. All campers received a Breakthrough Basketball for attending the camp.

Overall it was a well run and very intense camp. I would definitely recommend this camp if you want to improve your game.


Breakthrough Basketball Camp Attack & Counter

by Happy Parent in Waterloo, Iowa
  • Star
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Don Kelbick brought a 'no excuses' approach to this camp. He actually 'taught' the participants rather than just playing 3v3 or 5v5 ...which helped the less experienced from getting lost in the shuffle and never getting the ball.

I saw my son improve GREATLY in just 3 days with the techniques used.

I couldn't say one bad thing about this camp.

At the end, my son came home exhausted, but determined. This camp is for those serious about the game!