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Discover Basketball Camps in Alaska

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Finding basketball camps can be a challenge. Here’s three tips to help you through the search:

1. Get The Goods

 2. College Camps Are Organized By Size

Most of the camps below are hosted by colleges. They’re organized by:

  • Division 1 – The largest and most popular colleges
  • Division 2 – The middle child, D2 is comprised of mid-size schools. They can still provide an excellent camp.
  • Division 3 and NAIA – The smallest colleges, and may be closest to home! They can provide a low camper-to-coach ratio.

If you’re thinking…camper-to-coach ratio…what’s that? Then you definitely need to sign up for my free bball camp info above!

3. Basketball Camp Map

At the bottom of the page is a map of camp locations. Check it out to see what camps are close to you.

Did you read the camp guide? Do you feel like a basketball camp expert? Then you’re ready to go!

I hope you find the perfect basketball camps in Alaska:

Division 1 Colleges
University of Alaska Anchorage Basketball Camp

University of Alaska, Anchorage


University of Alaska Fairbanks Basketball Camp

University of Alaska, Fairbanks


Alaska Pacific University Basketball Camp

Alaska Pacific University



There are only a few basketball camps in Alaska. The D2, D3, and NAIA colleges don’t host camps. We recommend you look for camps in Canada or camps in Washington.

Also, don’t forget to check out local high school, colleges, and rec centers that may be putting on summer camps.

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