Save Time and Money In Basketball Training

If you’ve been reading my posts, I want to quickly introduce myself.

Give you a little info on my background, what I love to do, and why I want to help young athletes improve their game.

And yes, I will explain how I will save you time and money.

Built to play checkers

I know what it’s like to have virtually no natural “basketball talent”. Things like height, speed, and jumping ability were just not in my DNA. 

When I jumped, you could barely slide a piece of paper under my feet!

Okay maybe I wasn’t that un-athletic but you get the picture.

In fact, I battled asthma my whole basketball career. I did the whole inhaler thing before games. The twice-a-day breathing treatment. The whole nine yards.

The point I’m trying to make is anything I achieved was through hard work and effort

So how did I get better at basketball? 

Despite being physically built to play checkers, I attended dozens of basketball camps, spent hundreds of hours with trainers and dedicated thousands of hours simply practicing alone.

Oh yeah, and I read lots of books on basketball. 

I wanted to be a master of the game.

After all this training I ended up with a pretty solid basketball resume.

In High School I was one of the best players in the county. I started on a team that won 2 Conference Championships and a District Championship. (banners are still hanging up in the gym!)

And at the end of my last season I won the Coach’s Award for best attitude. 

Picture of Blake Stockton Playing BasketballThat’s me in the pic playing point. We beat that team to win Conference 🙂 

Being successful despite having asthma and no natural abilities is one of the reasons why I can help you.

Let me explain with an analogy:

If you wanted to learn how to fly, you wouldn’t listen to the bird who was already a gifted flyer. You would listen to the pilot who had to learn everything to get up in the air.

This analogy can be applied to gifted athletes.

I’m not saying pro athletes didn’t have to work hard to get where they are. They did. They had to work extremely hard to complete in the NBA.

But, sometimes it’s better to listen to the beginner who became good, than the best who has always been the best.

What I love to do

I love to do research and learn.

And so I’ve researched the most important basketball information and resources for you.

I believe there are things in basketball training that get you better, faster. A combination of the right tips, drills, training aids, and mind game.  

Don’t get me wrong. 

You still have to put in the time. But less time by doing the right things with the right mindset.

I will save you time by helping you do the right things. And save money by not wasting time!

Loving to do the research is also why I started A website where I hunt down the camps and provide you the information!

Why I want to help young athletes improve their game

It’s so important for kids to see themselves improving.

Not only to win games and trophies. Although those are great too!

It’s important because studies have shown that when kids believe their effort produced their results, they will be much more successful later in life.

Their beliefs change.

Failure changes from being “not good enough” to “not trying hard enough“.

Success changes from “being good enough” to “trying hard enough”.

When young athletes see themselves get better month-after-month, year-after-year, it’s a confidence in themselves that no one can teach

So. I want young athletes to become their best selves. And I’ll help them get there.

One last thing.

We want to know “What are you struggling with in basketball”? 

Tell us in the comments below.

Also, if you want more tips, subscribe by requesting for the camp guide below.

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