Point Guard College

Point Guard College

Basketball is not all about scoring points and making steals. What makes a great player are all the little things he or she does that untrained basketball eye doesn't notice.

Learn these little things at the Point Guard College! The campers here will spend 50 percent of their time in a classroom learning about the game and the other 50 percent applying what they learn in drills and game play.

I personally went to the Point Guard College several years ago and I can say that out of the 20+ different basketball camps I went to growing up, I learned the most at PCG. What makes the camp so good are the basketball principles they teach.

For example, a point guard never wants to dribble in place for more than a second, they always want to be moving. When a guard dribbles in place they call it p-dribbling. Point guard don’t p-dribble.

At PCG you won’t just play the game, you’ll learn the game. Play smart, tough, intelligent basketball. These guys know their stuff so well they made up an acrynom to describe it. At PCG they attempt to “SCHAPE” the basketball world. They do this by injecting six b-ball ingredients into everything they do:

Spirit - Our passion and enthusiasm. We inspire coaches and athletes to get in touch with what they truly love about the game.

Communication - We communicate our values in everything that we say and do. We use a creative vocabulary to make our teaching and communication more memorable and effective.

Hustle - We consistently look to do more than our share and more than what’s expected.

Approach - Our actions are always aligned with our purpose. We are always conscious of and consistent in our approach, making sure that our actions are sourced from our values.

Precision - We pay attention to the little things in all that we do and maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Enhancement - We continually look for ways to make our curriculum, our staff, and the athletes and coaches that we work with the very best they can be.

At you can tell, I highly recommend PGC. In fact, they have a 100% guarantee. If you feel Point Guard College didn’t have a significant impact on your game, they will give you a full refund. There are several different camp options, check them out today!

Learn more about the timeless wisdom of Dick DeVenzio!

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I would like to send my 12 year old to your camp from Canada. Can I get a room at the same place my son will be staying at. If so, what would the charge …

Airyelle Belle 
I think this camp will help build my confidence on and off the court. I really would love to attend PGC this summer so I can go back to school my senior …

Adam Nelson 
It was a great camp to go to if you want to step your game up to the next level. It's not all on the court either it also is in the class room with "film …

This basketball clinic helped me a lot because after attending that camp I was rated MVP for my basketball team at school. My oldest cousin is really good …

I feel that this Point Guard College will help me improve on my confidence and help me get ready for college this year. I am a hard working and I would …

I really enjoyed PGC it helped learn more about the game and gave me more confidence with my game when I'm on the court. I don't have any bad things to …

Great camp; Do not get misleaded by the name. This camp has something for all positions to learn. PGC is a high skill level camp that truly does wonders …

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