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Montana State University, Bozeman

MSU, Bozeman


University of Montana

University of Montana


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Alright I'm here - How can I find the perfect camp?

Thanks for visiting! – Here you will find quality information on Montana Basketball Camps. Here’s a few tips  to help you through the info below.

The camps are organized by Division 1, 2, 3  and NAIA colleges. We organized the colleges and universities by Division to help YOU find the perfect camp. What these Divisions are all about:

  • Division 1 – The largest and most popular colleges. D1 includes University of Montana Grizzlies, Montana State University Bobcats, University of Great Falls Argonauts
  • Division 2 – the middle child, is comprised of mid size schools. D2 can still provide an excellent camp
  • Division 3 and NAIA – make up the smallest colleges, but may be closest to home! They generally provide great personal instruction with a low camper-to-coach ratio

If you’re thinking NAIA…camper-to-coach ratio…what is this? Or you just want to become an expert on basketball camps – we recommend visiting our Camp Guide.

Many of the camps below are summer basketball camps. Colleges will most likely hold camps when kids are out of school. The largest colleges will have winter basketball camps as well.

Last thing – Girls Basketball Camps and Boys Basketball Camps. Some camps will be available to both. If they are separate, the women’s team will host the girls and men’s team the boys. You’ll have to check out the camp page to figure it out.

Did you read the camp guide? Do you feel like an basketball camp expert? Ok, you are ready to go – we hope you find the perfect basketball camp in Montana:

College Basketball Camps
Name Location Website More Info
University of Montana Missoula
MSU, Bozeman Bozeman
Montana State University, Billings Billings
Carroll College Helena
University of Great Falls Great Falls
Montana State University-Northern Havre
Montana Tech of the Univ of Montana Butte
University of Montana-Western Dillon
Rocky Mountain College Billings

Map of Basketball Camps in Montana