Jump Higher To Gain Confidence in 2015:
My Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual Review The Good: Proven results, try risk-free for 60 days, understand the principles behind jumping higher, e-mail coaching

The Bad: Works best with access to weights

The Bottom Line: The Jump Manual supplies the best foundation and support to help reach your jumping potential. Jacob Hiller offers a tested program that explains the science and principles
to gain 10+ inches on your vert.

Price: $67

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 The Best Jump Manual Review

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Gain 10+ inches on your vertical jump. Guaranteed. Say what?

That’s the promise Jacob Hiller, creator of The Jump Manual, makes for anyone who trains with his program.

The promise is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. You don’t like the workout or your results, ask for a refund.

It’s that simple.

All ballers and ballerettes on a budget have to like that deal!

I get a lot of questions from readers about the best way to increase the vertical jump.

The short answer is: a lot of hard work!

But you already knew that.

What you need to know is “What’s the best vertical jump program to dedicate all that hard work on?”

There are quite a few options out there, but my favorite is The Jump Manual.

I’ve spent several days picking apart The Jump Manual and figuring out why this program works so well.

In this Jump Manual review I’m also going to tell you why I failed to reach the 10+ inch vert gain back in high school and how the program would have helped me.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes!

Before we dive into the review and my story, let’s quickly talk about jumping higher and why it matters.

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Jump Higher And Gain Confidence

What if you could increase your vertical jump from 22 inches to 32 inches?

What would that do for your game?

What would that do for your confidence?

Reaching a 32 inch vert may get you to dunk for the first time, snag more rebounds, and swat more shots.

But, there’s more.

The exercises that get you to jump higher have additional benefits.

Russell Westbrook and ExplosivenessIncreasing your vertical jump also means training fast twitch muscles to become more explosive. 

Become quicker. Become faster.

Explosiveness is huge in basketball. If you’re wondering “what is explosiveness?”, I want you to think of one person.

Think of Russell Westbrook. If you look up explosiveness in the dictionary you’ll see a big, fat picture of his smiling face.

What Exactly Is The Jump Manual?

That 10+ inch guarantee sounds great. But how does it happen?

Simply put The Jump Manual is a comprehensive workout program designed to increase jumping ability and explosiveness.

What separates The Jump Manual from the competition is the multi-faceted approach to jumping higher.

It’s not just exercises.

The multi-faceted approach includes aspects like form, nutrition, and flexibility.

The Jump Manual actually addresses 10 different principles that help you jump higher.

Who is Jacob Hiller?

Jacob Hiller Jump Manual ReviewFirst thing I want to say about Jacob, creator of The Jump Manual – he is NOT a professional marketer.

Jacob is a professional vertical jump trainer who has worked with olympic athletes, professional basketball players, college and high school athletes.

He’s been researching and testing jump training for over a decade.

The Jump Manual began by Jacob testing his ideas on himself.

Then he personally trained his clients’ to increase their vertical jump.

After his client successes he developed The Jump Manual to help the world improve their jumping ability.

He even used his own training methods to maintain a 42 inch vert at 31 years old!

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The Struggle Is Real

In high school I tried a workout program to increase my vertical jump.

I could grab the rim, but I wanted to dunk!

The program I used was Air Alert. You may have heard about it.

I still remember begging my friend to let me borrower the poster to learn the exercises and workout schedule.

Unfortunately, after training for 9 weeks I wasn’t very successful.

I only gained 4 inches. Bummer. I got discourages and never finished the 12 week program.

I’ll tell you an open secret.

Today, Air Alert is free. Just google it and you’ll find the same info that I begged my friend for.

Why is it free? I think I know.

It’s free because it’s just exercises and a schedule. Following that won’t get you to make massive gains on your vert.

If you only want to gain 3-4 inches go ahead get the free exercises.

Save your money.

To make that huge gain of 10+ inches it’s helpful to have more in your corner.

And The Jump Manual offers that help.

The “helpers” you need are:

1. The knowledge behind jumping higher. Basically the how.

2. And support to get you through the tough times.

Those two points are why The Jump Manual is better than the other jump programs out there.

It’s all about the knowledge and support.

The Science of Optimal Results

One of the reasons I didn’t exceed a 4 inch vert gain was because I didn’t understand the science behind jumping higher.

I didn’t understand topics like:

  • The explosion equation
  • Jumping form and flexibility
  • Training for explosion vs endurance
  • Nutrition and muscle gain
  • Neurological conditioning

You’ll learn what all those mean in The Jump Manual.

The biggest mistake I made was training for endurance instead of explosion.

Don’t train to be a forever jumping Energizer Bunny when you want to be a high flying kangaroo.

Jacob does an excellent job at explaining the science in a simple way. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand it.

Don’t get me wrong. You will learn.

It may take a couple reads to fully grasp the information.

But. Achieving something great doesn’t come easy, does it?

FYI: Don’t be concerned about being too young for The Jump Manual. There are training strategies for young athletes under the age of 14.

And parents, this training isn’t just for your kid. The exercise principles are universal and can be applied to you workout as well.

Ready to Jump Higher? Check out the Jump Manual

Max Explosion Workout

I won’t go deep into the exercises because that’s the nuts and bolts of the program.

I will make a few important points though.

Jacob provides videos for every exercise. You can watch him perform the exercise and try it yourself.

Every exercise comes with a detailed explanation. Documents are provided for more advanced concepts.

Exercises are done everyday. Even if it’s just stretching.

This program is a daily commitment. That’s what it takes to get the 10+ inch increase on your vert.

Sick Support

A lack of support is the other reason why I didn’t make huge gains on my vert.

I was doing Air Alert on my own. In my garage after school.

I needed motivation and someone to talk to.

Jacob provides some of the best support compared to other vertical jump programs.

Within the first 30 days of purchase you get unlimited e-mail support to ask any questions you have about the program.

You may have questions about injuries, nutrition, supplements, and exercises.

Which is perfect because Jacob is a professional trainer. He’s educated in the workout field.

Another pretty cool benefit.

Once you finish busting-your-butt for 12 weeks you can contact Jacob to map out your future workouts.

That’s important because you want to maintain your new jumping ability.

I also really wish I had the Jumper’s Forum when I was training.

The Jumper’s Forum is a place where trainees can ask each other questions and post success stories.

It’s a great motivational resource.

For an additional $10 a month, you can download a sick Coaching App.

With the Coaching App you can schedule one-on-one coaching sessions. You can record jumping sessions and have them critiqued by Jacob.

Really take your jump training to the next level.

What About “The Bad”?

The only real downside I saw in the Jump Manual was the use of weights. The program is easier to use if you have access to a gym

There are non-weight alternatives. But, the truth is weights help gain muscle.

If you want to gain strength and not endurance you’ll have to use resistance to push your muscles to the next level.

Like I said earlier, if you’re concerned about not having weights you can try the program and always ask for a refund if it isn’t right for you.

The Final Word

If I had a resource like The Jump Manual when I was in high school it would have completely changed my game.

My 4 inch vert gain could have gotten to a massive 10+ inches.

By using the Jump Manual I would have understood the science behind jumping higher.

I would have had the support to get me to the next level.

If you’re still skeptical of The Jump Manual and what it can do for you, I recommend reading the testimonials on The Jump Manual site.

They’re all 100% real. If you want to talk to a former student about their gains, Jacob will connect you with one.

I like to be honest as possible to my readers so I will let you know I do receive a commission on every sale of The Jump Manual.

I’ve always said I only recommend products that I’ve thoroughly reviewed and believe can improve a young baller’s game.

Click Here to check out The Jump Manual for yourself.

Keep working hard and ball on!

Photos by Cliff and Keith Allison