Holiday Gift Guide 2015:
9 Gifts For Serious
Basketball Players

All the gifts below I have bought and personally used. I only recommend the best products that will get players better, faster at basketball.

Note: I haven’t received trained at IMG Academy. However, I’ve visited the Academy and know they have world-class training facilities, coaches, and programs.

$ Baller Gifts (under $50)

1. Dribbling Goggles

Dribbling Googles on Boy Gift Guide$8.99

A must have for any player looking to improve their court vision.

Use the Dribbling Goggles to keep from seeing the ball while dribbling.

Purchase the SKLZ Dribbling Goggles

2. SkillCoach Heavy Basketball

SkillCoach Heavy Basketball Training Aid


Work on dribbling strength with a weighted basketball.

More dribbling strength means more ball speed and ball control.

Purchase the SkillCoach Heavy Basketball

3. Agility Ladder

SKLZ Agility Ladder Basketball Training


The best way tool to gain (earn) quickness right in your garage or driveway.

Do 15 minutes of agility ladder drills every day for 8 weeks and feel the difference.

Purchase a SKLZ Agility Ladder

4. Best Indoor Mini Hoop

SKLZ Mini Hoop Fun


Picture says it all. Check out that spring breakaway rim.

I have this in my home and love it!

Purchase the SKLZ Mini Hoop

5. Ball Return

SKLZ Ball Return Basketball Training Aid


Spend less time rebounding, and more time shooting!

Works really well for consecutive free throw shots.

Purchase a SKLZ 360 Ball Return

$$ Baller Gifts ($50-$150)

6. Vert Shock Jumping Program 

Vert Shock Basketball Training Aid


Great online training program to improve a player’s jumping ability and quickness.

Learn more about the Vert Shock Program

7. Point Guard Academy

Point Guard Academy Basketball Training


Popular online training program to enhance a player’s dribbling skills, leadership abilities, and mental game.

Purchase the Point Guard Academy

Read my review on the Point Guard Academy

8. Shot Tracker

ShotTracker Basketball Training Aid


Best basketball tech of 2015. Track makes and misses.

Turns a backyard shoot around into a competitive competition.

Visit the Shot Tracker Store

$$$ Elite Baller Gift

9. IMG Academy Basketball Camp

IMG Basketball Academy Gift Guide

Training Camps $1349+

This Holiday (or Spring Break or Summer) consider training at the world renown elite training facility located in Bradenton, Florida.

If your son or daughter’s Winter Break is full, consider planning a Presidents Week trip February 15th-21st or a Spring Break trip March-April.

IMG Boys Basketball Camps

IMG Girls Basketball Camps


Disclaimer: If you do purchase any of these products, I do receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Like I said above, I only recommend products that I have bought and used. All the products past my test of “If used properly, they do get young basketball players better at basketball faster than they would without the product”.