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Started in 1985, the Philadelphia 76ers basketball camp is one of the longest (maybe THE longest) running NBA basketball camp. With over 100,000 campers taught they’ve had a lot of time to develop a top notch skills training.

The Sixers also encourage international campers to attend the camp. To date they’ve had kids from over 30 different countries attend camp.

That’s a great cultural experience for any American camper!

Camp Director Todd Landrey, a former college coach, started at the Sixers camp in 1992. 27 years ago!

Todd always tries to provide a safe, fun and instructional environment for the kids. He ensures at every camp session campers learn basketball fundamentals based on appropriate skill development for their age.

Lots of Camps to Choose From

Here’s a run down on the available Sixers camps:

Sixers Overnight Basketball Camp
The overnight basketball camp is really one of a kind. It’s hosted in Wayne, PA at the Valley Forge Academy and College. Basketball is definitely a focus of the camp, but there are also similarities to a traditional summer camp.

What I think really makes the basketball camp unique (and similar to summer camp) is that campers can stay up to 4 weeks!

Campers will learn basketball fundamentals like ball handling, passing, offense without the ball, shooting, and rebounding.

But they can also go swimming, hang out in the recreation center, and play video games. Campers get to unwind after a long day of basketball. The meals are all-you-can eat buffet style too!

Don’t think that because there is “fun” time this is a fluff camp. There is advanced skills training available for the serious varsity level player.

Philadelphia 76ers Skills Academy
This is an intense camp aimed at boys 12 to 15-years old. It is designed to show the middle school player what it will take to make the high school team.

The Skills Academy fills up quickly so sign up asap!

Sixers Basketball Day Camps
Classic basketball camp held Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. Over 12 different locations to choose from!

If you don’t live in Pennsylvania, don’t worry. This camp also has locations in Delaware, and New Jersey.

The Day Camp is more focused on teaching than creating a competitive environment. If competition is what you’re looking for stick with the Skills Academy.

The end of camp will culminate in a “Skills Performance” by all the campers to show off their new skills!

Little Sixers Basketball Day Camps
For ages 5-7 years old, this camp is the warm up for eventually attending the full Sixers Day Camps. It is hosted only in the morning and will provide an introduction to the game of basketball in a non-competitive environment.

Sixers One-on-One Camps & Clinics
For boys and girls 12 and older, the Sixers individuall training is for the player looking to really take their game to the next level. Specific training will be designed for each participant.

This Sixers one-on-one training video says it all:

Camp Swag

Day Camp participants will receive:

  • Sixers Official Camp Jersey
  • Sixers Camp Handbook
  • Player Evaluation Form
  • Autographed Player Photo
  • 2 tickets to a Sixers pre-season game or practice

Areas Clinics

Let’s say you have a group of basketball players that all want to get better at basketball. The Sixers camp staff will help you set up an area clinic for those players!

A clinic of up to 80 participants will have similar characteristics as the Sixer’s summer camp with drills and exciting contests.

Over 80 participants and a clinic will be more lecture oriented. Prizes will be given out including tickets, and autographed memorabilia.

Final Words

The Sixers have a ton of experience training young athletes. With over 100,000 kids going through their programs the coaches should be excellent teachers.

I really like their option for an extended overnight basketball camp. Up to 4 weeks. If a camper really loves basketball and meeting new people this may be a perfect option.

The Sixers Camp Brochure will give you info on dates and camp costs.

Over the past 10 years the Sixers camps have sold out every year.

Don’t miss out, sign up today! Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Camp

Must Watch Videos

Sixers Camp Commercial:

Great Preview Of What Camp Will Be Like:

A Pro Visits The Sixers Camp!


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Camp & Reviews and Q&A

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Sixers Basketball Day Care

by Jesse K in Cherry Hill
  • Star

Well here's a good example of a revenue generating machine. They clearly bought the rights to use the Sixers name because other then the free Sixers junk they give you.

It has nothing to do with the team or the coaches. And they only give you a bunch of free junk to make up for the fact that they OVERBOOK and put way to many kids in one camp.

I know your trying to make a profit but at what amount is enough?

We all know in life. You only get free things to make up for what you didn't get when you actually paid for it. I wanted my kids to be better players and for $750 they aren't. They got t-shirts.

I did actually call the director. In true politician fashion he told me about the camp and what it's suppose to be. I said it sounds good on paper but clearly the goals of better playing aren't being achieved.

How can they with so many kids and so little gym space. I asked for partial refund because I felt it was nothing more then a BASKETBALL DAYCARE! Not a growing and learning camp. He said I should book the one on one camp and pay even more. What a rude joke.

I will never pay for this again or recommend it in any way! Are the Sixers not making enough money they have to get paid off things like this?? Sad.

I was told it's called a namebrand camp. More for bragging rights then actually learning. So save your money.

A daycare with a basketball hoop would be the same! And you can buy Sixers t-shirts. You don't need ones given to you to make up for what they aren't doing!