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Nike Basketball Camps

Just Do It! or Just Dribble It?

With over 50 locations the Nike Basketball Camps are some of the most popular basketball camps in the world.

What separates Nike from the other camps? Their high quality instructors. Every camp has a full Camp Director bio and the several I read were really impressive.

I read about ex-NBA players, coaches who have won state championships, and camp directors who have been involved with camps for over 30 years, some even 40!

Reading through the camps I see a common theme. The theme is providing personalized, individual instruction to campers.

Nike makes sure there is personal instruction by having a low camper-to-coach ratio.

Who Is It For?

All skill levels are welcome. Campers will be grouped with players similar to their age and abilities.

Day camps and overnight camps are available for both Boys and Girls.

Some camp locations also provide extended day programs from 9am – 9pm. Which is perfect if you need extra time to work or commute.

Nike has several camp programs available. Programs like Complete Skills, Offensive Skills, Basketball School, and Shooting Programs.

Every camp program will be unique to its location. You’ll have to look it up on their site to figure out what is available!

I try to mention this whenever I can because I get a lot of questions on it. Unfortunately, Nike Basketball Camp does NOT offer camp scholarships.

This is due to a conflict of interest since they sponsor college teams. Basically it’s against the rules to influence campers with a free camp when they are affiliated with certain colleges.

Nike Camp Reviews

I also recommend you read the reviews of the Nike Basketball Camp you’re interested in.

I will admit, every review I’ve seen is positive which may be misleading. But the reviews reveal nuggets of info to determine if the camp would be right for your son or daughter.

Check out our reviews below too. I don’t filter out the bad.

If you’d had an experience at a Nike Camp that was good or bad please share. The “Review a Camp” button is at the top of the page.

International Program

The Nike International Program is unlike anything I’ve seen before at a camp.

The program is for international campers to play basketball in the U.S. and be taught the English language. The camper will go home with a new found confidence in English language skills.

Every day will have 3 hours of daily sport instruction and 2.5 hours of after ELS language instruction.

At the end of the camp all participants will receive an ELS language certificate.

How cool is that!?

Nike Camp Swag

Campers will receive:

  • Official Nike Camp T-Shirt
  • Nike Workbook
  • Opportunity to win other prizes

Peace of Mind Policy

Let’s say you can attend camp after signing up due to an injury or emergency. Nike has you covered with a “peace of mind policy”.

Nike will give you a voucher for all tuition and fees paid to use within the next year. It’s also transferable to a family member.

Your camp investment is protected if an emergency arises!

You can also purchase a cancelation policy for $50. With the cancelation policy Nike will give you cash back if the camper cannot attend the camp.

Push Yourself This Summer

I thought this video was awesome and had to share.

Get pumped up Texas Basketball Camp director TJ Jones.

Although TJ is in Texas, this is an example of the Nike Basketball Camps quality:

Basketball Knowledge

Nike also has a ton of excellent basketball tips.

Read articles like “How to Build Permanent Confidence On The Basketball Court” , “5 Ways To Become Mentally Tough” and “Refusing to Live an Average Life”.

Check out the Nike Basketball Tips.

Nike Basketball Camps Wrap-Up

Spend a few minutes reading the camp director Bios for the Nike Basketball Camps and you’ll quickly realize the directors are the real deal.

Many of the camp descriptions also emphasize personalized instruction for every camper. That’s and important aspect of any camp.

It’s important to figure out a camper’s needs because if instruction is too basic they will be bored. Too advanced and they may become discouraged. Either way it could be a waste of your money.

Everything I’ve read indicates the Nike Basketball Camp is a great opportunity to improve your son or daughter’s basketball skills.

Click here to see if the Nike Basketball Camp is right for your camper!

Must Watch Nike Camp Videos

Great Camp Intro:

Behind The Scenes Look at William Jessup University:

Behind The Scenes Look at a Girls Camp:

Camp & Reviews and Q&A

8 Reviews , 1 Q&As

Nike & Professional Sports at Caldwell College

by Marcus R in Caldwell
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My son said it was a great experience. He met players from different countries and also made friends with local players.

He also said the coaches were great. They told the campers there is no such thin as a dumb question and that made him feel more comfortable.

After the camp, he feels he is a better player. His jump shot has improved due to better mechanics and hard work.

The physical demands of the camp made him challenge himself to see what kind of player he is. With great coaching he did really well. They worked my son so hard he lost 10 pounds in the week he was there.

He also learned to be a better teammate from the time he got there till the time he left. His group of teammates stayed together and worked hard together. Going through the challenge of camp, they all became friends.

My son can’t wait to go back next year. Enough said!


Nike Camp - Episcopal Collegiate School

by Darrius P in Little Rock, Arkansas
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What I liked about this camp was the competitive atmosphere. Every drill you do you receive a score on it. Because everyone wanted a high score, every drill was very competitive.

At the end of every day campers were divided into teams for 5-on-5 games so that you can use what you learned in a game situation.

The camp was 5 days long and cost $265, but well worth the money.

Campers were divided into smaller groups based on skill level and age so you could receive more personal instructions and repetitions.

The head instructor Mr. Michael Marsh made sure that everyone stayed engaged with what they were doing while also making it fun. His motto was if you aren't making mistakes then you aren't learning. He pushed every kid there to go as hard as possible and give their all.

At the end of camp individual awards are given to the players that showed the most promise. Every camper received a Nike basketball camp shirt, a pamphlet containing all the drills worked on in camp, and a hand written evaluation of each players strengths and what they needed to continue to work and improve on.

If you are lucky enough to get the MVP award, you received a free invitation to the Nike all-star camp.

I also want to mention that all the stats you earn at camp are posted on a website. You can go check your stats and compare them to other players of your skill level.

I would recommend this camp to anyone that wants to improve their game. I will be attending this camp again myself!


Great Camper To Coach Ratio

by Daryl J in Sacred Heart University
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The coaches at this camp were excellent. The camp was very well organized. Very little camp time was wasted.

Overall, my son had fun while gaining more confidence in his ability on the court.

The camper to coach ratio was 10:1, which is good. My son was able to get 1-on-1 time with the coach.

He was very nervous at first because of how large the facility was and the number of kids. But, after they broke into their age group he was fine.

Next year he wants to stay overnight! This was a great camp experience for him.


Coaches Passion Was Infectious

by Chad A in Oklahoma City, OK
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The instruction at the Nike camp was excellent. Drills were well run and pushed the campers.

I noticed the coaches were very passionate about basketball and they did a great job of passing that on to the kids.

Something I thought that was negative about the camp was the gym space. It was very cramped. During the afternoon there was a lot of standing around because of the lack of courts.

Overall, this is a great all-around skills camp that gave each player a lot of reps at the drills. Although, it wasn't so great for team games because of the lack of courts.


Coaches Very Involved

by Lisa K in Waterloo, IA
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I was really impressed by the coaches at the Nike Basketball Camp in Waterloo.

After each camp session the coaches spoke with the parents to tell us what our kids did well and what needed improvement.

We got to ask a lot of questions from topics such as recruiting, nutrition, and how to find out information on next year's camp.

Yes I want my kid to go again!

It was a smaller camp size, and it allowed the coaches to give better individual instruction.

The only thing I have to say that was negative about the camp was the age differences. There was players there from 7 to 17 years old. I wish it was broken up better for younger and older players.


My Daughter Loved It

by Dasani H in UC Berkley, CA
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The Nike Girls Camp with UC Berkley was was really good.

My daughter enjoyed the interaction by random groups and skills levels. It kept her on her toes with players of different abilities.

The drills were based on specialized basketball techniques like on the ball screens. The coaches showed her exactly what it was supposed to look like when correctly run.

The coaches were great and she's even motivated to train harder than before the camp. She now knows the correct way to do things like blocking, ball handling, and shooting.

My only complaint is that I wish it was longer. The camper-to-coach ratio was good and she wanted to work more on her weaknesses. Everything was crammed into 2 sessions. Don't get me wrong, it was great information and training, I just wish there was more time.

Overall, I would say the camp was great. She met great people from Cal Women's coaching staff and some of the Cal Players.

They taught her tools and techniques that will better prepare her for a career in basketball if she so chooses to pursue it. She loved camp!


Great Basketball Camp

by Briceion in Laurel, Mississippi
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My son enjoyed the camp! He went to the camp at Little Rock, Arkansas. It was quite a drive from us being from Mississippi and all, but well worth!

Right from the start I knew it was going to be a well run camp. The coaches and trainers had the players start right into stretches. There was an energy all the coaches had that could be felt in the gym.

I will say that the clinic he went to was not for beginners. And it said it right on the website. Make sure you know this before going in to the camp. They focused a lot on offensive skills in the stations.

Another thing I really liked about the camp was the good coach to player ratio. My son received all the help he wanted because there wasn't too many players per each coach.

Hoping to go next winter!



by J Smith in Arkansas
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My son attended a the Nike Basketball Camp at Episcople Collegiate School in Arkansas.

The end of camp review was very harsh and negative toward him. I feel the head coach should review all comments before his staff makes them. I feel the comments for player improvements could have been worded in a better way that wasn't down right hurtful. My son doesn't want to go to anymore basketball camps now. We will definitely not be attending another Nike Camp.


Nike Camp in Alabama

by Munye in Alabama

Question: I need to know is it worth the price tag? Anyone go to the camp last year in Alabama or any of the camps that can tell me how IT ACTUALLY IS? The site makes it sound great and all, but I want to know specifics to camps in Alabama. I'm a Freshman in high school trying to get my skills up, so I can make it to play in College. I love the Nike shoes, but know nothing about their basketball camps. Shooting drills, dribbling drills, defense, what do they teach? I'm trying to decide between Nike and a couple other local college camps. Nike's more expensive so I need to know if it's worth it! Thanks