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The Michael Jordan Basketball Camp (also called Michael Jordan Flight School) is for die hard Larry Bird fans.

Just kidding! You know the camp is for fans of the legendry Michael Jordan.

And just like the quality of the Jordan brand and the greatness of his basketball game, the MJ Flight school is a top-notch camp.

Located at the University of California, Santa Barbara (USCB), the camp features two sessions that have a day and overnight camp available.

Even if you decide to do the day camp, it’s the longest day camp I’ve ever seen.

Usually a day camp will end between 5-6pm. Not the Jordan camp. It runs until 9:45 PM!

Basketball wise you’ll get solid training typical at most basketball camps. Fundamentals like shooting, dribbling, rebounding, passing, and defense.

But, the difference at the MJ Flight School is that Michael Jordan will be teaching the fundamentals!

You may also get a guest appearance like 2014 NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, who is a member of the Jordan brand. Check him out in the Photo Gallery and video below.

Or a guest like former NBA player, coach and TV personality Mark Jackson might show up to give a lecture.

Tropicana Gardens Dorm

Tropicana Gardens Swimming Pool

All overnight campers and the majority of MJFS coaches will stay at the Residece Hall called Tropicana Gardens.

This place is way more than just a dorm though.

They have an all-you-can-eat cafeteria, swimming pool, camp store, game room with billiards table, ping pong, big screen TV, lounging area, and a 24-hour medical staff (perfect for help with blisters from camp!)

The Most Important Question

I know what you’re dying to ask. How long with MJ actually be at camp?

I was actually surprised at how long he will be at camp. I was expecting 1, maybe 2 days. But, MJ will actually be at camp 4 of the 5 days!

During his time at camp you can expect MJ to give personal lectures, interact with campers, randomly referee basketball games, take team photos, and sign one personal autograph per camper.

FYI: If you want MJ to sign at item (and who doesn’t?) he can’t sign Fleer Premier Rookie Cards (bummer) and any competitor brands (duh).

Camp Directors

I’m really impressed with the MJFS camp directors.

Boasting 100+ years of basketball experience, Mark Raveling, Glenn Wilkes Jr. and Glenn Wilkes bring a lot of basketball knowledge to the camp.

MJFS Mark RavelingMark Raveling, the main Camp Director, played basketball at Drake University and has been affiliated with Jordan Sports for 11 years.

MJ Flight School Direcotr Glenn Wilkes JrGlenn Wilkes Jr, the Activities Director, has coached the Rollins College women’s basketball team for over 20 years.

Glenn WilkesHis father, Glenn Wilkes, the camp’s Assistant Director, coached at Stetson University for 36 years and won over 500 games.

Read more on the Directors extensive backgrounds.

Michael Jordan Camp Swag

Every camper will get:

  • Basketball Instruction
  • MJFS Poster
  • Camp T-Shirt
  • Color Team Photo with Michael Jordan
  • 1 Personal Autograph per Camper
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Player Evaluation
  • Jordan Gift Bag
  • Medical Care
  • Memories That Last a Lifetime!

This isn’t guaranteed swag, but it’s so cool.

It’s a long standing tradition that every year Jordan gives away a pair of his shoes to a camper.

I’m not positive how he gives the shoes away. But, there’s several pics of campers getting his shoe’s on the MJFS Facebook page.

Few More Pieces of Info

I know a lot of campers will be flying into California. The MJFS helps campers get to and from the local airport on the first day and from on the last day.

I try to answer this ever time I can. Unfortunately the MJFS doesn’t offer any scholarships directly to campers.

They do issue scholarships to local charities and local boys and girls clubs. The charities and Clubs will then give the scholarships away.

Michael Jordan Camp Wrap-Up

From everything I’ve read and the videos I’ve watched (see below) the Michael Jordan Basketball Camp is everything it should be.

A challenging camp where young athletes can get better at basketball and experience the legendary Michael Jordan in person.

If you’re looking to create memories this summer, this is the camp to do it at!

Check it out:

Michael Jordan Basketball Camp

Must Watch Michael Jordan Camp Videos

Great Intro to the MJFS:

Must watch mini documentary about what it’s like to attend the MJFS:

Kawhi Leonard visiting camp:

Michael Jordan putting on a show:

Camp & Reviews and Q&A

6 Reviews , 3 Q&As

Loved it

by Jack F in Santa Barbara, CA
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I had so much fun at the MJ Flight School! The Coaches are pretty decent.

I learned new skills that added to my basketball IQ, better footwork, and better ball handling.

I met a lot of new, good friends. It was really fun interacting with everyone!

My only complaint is not enough player attention from the coaches. There was too many campers and not enough coaches.

I also wish there was more contact with MJ. He was there, but there's so many campers that it's hard to spend any time with him.

Overall the camp was Great! Awesome! Very good experience. Although, for the money, I wish there was more contact with MJ.


John Smith at MJ Flight School

by John Smith in Los Angeles, California
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I went to this camp last year. It was awesome!! I wanted to go to Michael Jordan's camp since before I was born. I have his poster in my room with his tongue out and flying in the air before a dunk.

The basketball camp was pretty crowded but we all got to see MJ. And we learned all kinds of skills from drills. We were busy all day with games and stations. Learned lots of dribbling drills that I've been working all summer in my garage. Trying to ball out for my 8th grade team next year.

MJ also got to play in the games against us as a sub. Michael Jordan goes hard in the paint. He wasn't playing like the 90s, but still hard.
I would definitely go to this camp again. If my dad lets me.


MJ Basketball Camp Review

by Parents in Unknown
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I have been taking my family to MJ Camp for three years. Here is the honest review about this camp:


Michael Jordan is there and does a lot for the kids.
You get signed autograph from MJ at the end of camp
It's a fun camp, not a competitive camp and if your kids play AAU basketball, it's a welcome change for kids to just relax and have fun.


This really depends on the Division you get and who runs it. One year, the Director was great and interacts with the parents/kids in a good manner.

This year - 2014, we were in the ACC division and the Director was non-interactive, only cared mostly about families from Mexico, as he was from the Mexico and there were a large group from Mexico. If you weren't good he really did not care about you or any of your concerns. This person also singled my son out for no reason and yelled at him in front of me. It's crazy, but he actually did! About the coaching, if you have a decent coach, great. But, there are coaches that go out of their way to cheat during games just to win and get to the finals, like playing their best players multiple times. And the awards ceremony is also about favoritism and not always accurate.

In summary, the integrity of the camp can be questioned and at the end of the day. It doesn't matter as one person's opinion won't sway a large camp like that. But, it's not all fun as there are a lot of politics and sometimes it goes against the concept of fun for the kids as these directors & coaches think they have too much control & power and overuse it!

There you have it!


Michael Jordan Camp Review

by Veronica Flores in Laredo, Texas
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My sons attended MJ FLIGHT school last year and they absolutely loved it. They were so tired by the end of the week, because the staff is wonderful and keeps them so busy all day that by the end of the day they just want to rest.

They could not stop talking about their experience until this day. Michael Jordan is so nice and humble in interacting with the kids it's GREAT. Hope they can make it again to another soon, so worth it!!!!


MJ Camp is not always great!

by Anonymous in Unknown
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There are a lot of biases that happens within the camp. Coaches tend to cheat to get things done. It all depends on the Director that runs the division, some are good ones and some are biased.

Especially the one this summer in 2014. He had a bias towards Mexican kids since he was the translator. He did not interact with the families except Spanish ones. Please keep this in mind.


Mom to a 12 Year Old

by Kim in Unknown
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My son has attended for the past two years and it is the best, well run/organized camp around!

Michael is there throughout the majority of the days and each and everynight. The coaches and staff are hand picked and top notch. We will definately be going back in 2015 for the camps 20 year anniversary!



by Cynthia Palm in Ventura, California

Question: A good friend of mine is a retired gentleman that has taken on the responsibility of raising his 9 year old grandson. It has been such a challenge but he never complains! Are there any grants to cover the cost of attending the camp...he would be so excited and grateful for the opportunity?

Answer: Hey Cynthia, unfortunately on the MJ Flight School website it says they don't directly give out any scholarships to campers. They have local charities and organizations, such as The Boys and girls Club give out tuition scholarships. If your friend is still looking to send his grandson to a summer basketball camp, check out local colleges of high schools. They will be much less expensive. If they do attend a summer camp, come back and prove a review! Have a good summer!


Scholarship Program

by Anonymous in Los Angeles, California

Question: My nephew would LOVE to attend but the fee is way too high for his father. Is there a scholarship program for underprivileged children?

Answer: Hi, unfortunately there isn't any scholarships available for the Michael Jordan Flight School. According to the FAQs on the camp website, all of the scholarship money is given out to charities, ie independent charity groups, local Boys and Girls Clubs, etc. The organizations then determine who to award the tuition scholarships to. Maybe your nephew can attend a local camp at a high school or community college. Those are much more affordable and he can still gain some great basketball skills. Best


Does MJ Teach?

by Marcus Booker in Grenada, Mississippi

Question: I'd really like to attend the Michael Jordan camp because I always wanted MJ to coach me. I need him to teach me the fade away jumper!! Does anyone know how much teaching he actually does at his camp? I't be awesome to see him, but to learn some of his skills would be on another level. Thank you!!

Answer: Yes! MJ will be teaching, lecturing, guest refeering, signing items, and taking pictures at the camp. And he'll be doing this for 4 out of the 5 days of camp. I would like to do if he'll be dunking from the free throw line like the good old days. Nope, doubt it. Too old for that.