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Gustie Basketball Camp

Read a parents review below of the Gustavus Adolphus College “Gustie” Basketball Camp.

The Gustie Basketball & Leadership Camp has 10 different camp sessions to choose from during the summer. Your son or daughter can choose from the Day or Overnight camp.

I recommend the overnight camp so they can get the full college basketball camp experience!


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My Son Knows Where He's Going Next Year... The "Gustie" Camp

by Ryan R in St. Peter
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My son loved the Gustie camp. I think he learned the most about working with other teammates that he didn't know and adjusting to their strengths and weaknesses.

He worked very hard and was very sore when he came home. He also wanted to catch up on sleep.

He respected the coaches and refers to them often when he's playing ball at home. He found it challenging to work as hard as the Gusties made him, but he loved them too for teaching him new things too.

I definitely think the positive coaching helped my son's self confidence.

At the camp there were lots of kids from all over the world with many different abilities. It’s a good fit for anyone who is willing to work hard and listen well.

Even with all the hard work it was a lot of fun for the kids.

Since the camp ended, he’s now practicing dribbling with his left hand as well as his right. He’s able to switch directions very quickly.

As the parent I enjoyed watching the campers the last day. At the end of camp and after my son got into the car he talked about the camp the whole way home. After hearing all that I know where he's going to camp next year....Gustavus.