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Players, coaches, and analysts, oh my!

You may be asking why I’m making a Wizard of Oz reference. Is it because I just finished reading the Oz book to my son? Yes, we did just finish it (and he loved it).

But the real reason I’m talking about players, coaches, and analysts is because they are the guest speakers at the Golden State Warriors basketball camp.

Players like Stephen Curry, Festus Ezeli, and Ohnjen Kuzmic spoke at the camp in the past. Assistant coaches and head coach Steve Kerr made a visit. Warriors TV and radio analyst Jim Barnett made an appearance too.

Cool Story: The Warriors even had former camper Will Cherry from the Toronto Raptors make a visit. He loved the camp so much as a kid he paid a visit even though he plays for a rival team!

Check out head coach Steve Kerr speaking at a camp:

Since 2000 over 25,000 boys and girls have attended the Golden State Warriors basketball camp. The camp has grown to over 30 different location in the greater Bay Area.

The coaches take a real pride in developing the campers. The camp has been around long enough that the coaches get to watch the players develop every year.

Many former campers have gone on to play past high school. And some are even pro prospects!

Camper alumni have even re-joined the Warriors camp to work as camp instructors. They enjoy it that much.

Great Warriors camp intro by the Camp Director:

More Than Fundamentals

The camp director’s philosophy and what he or she believes is important. Those beliefs get passed on to all the instructors.

Here’s what the Warrior’s Camp Director believes:

“Do for the kids what the game has done for you. Let the game teach the campers life lessons. If that’s done, then the camp has done it’s job.”

At camp kids learn team work, communication, and overcoming obstacles together. These skills are more easily taught on the basketball court than in the classroom.

Camps are the perfect opportunity for kids to unplug during the summer. Get away from the phone, texting, and video games. At camp kids can get a personal connection with other young campers.


Camp Swag

To be honest the swag isn’t listed on the camp website. From the pictures and videos I discovered the following:

  • Campers will receive a warriors practice jersey
  • Campers also have the ability to win Warrior’s gear throughout camp
  • If a pro player comes they will autograph a picture
  • Some camps also include 2 tickets to a warriors pre-season game

Final Words

The Golden State Warriors have been running a quality camp program since 2000. It’s important to have the same program in place so that every year the camp keeps growing and instructors keep improving teaching skills too.

If you look at the map of camps on their website, the camp locations have almost grown over to Sacramento. Step up your game Kings! Of course it helps to have the splash brothers. Didn’t Klay score 37 in a quarter against the Kings?

I digress.

With the rich camp history and teamwork philosophy, I believe the Warriors camp would be a quality camp for any young baller.

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Must Watch Videos

Amazing story. A former Warriors camper in the NBA:

Another great intro to the Warrior camp:

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