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Freestyle Basketball Camp

“Freestyle Sports is a professional organization that has the passion and the knowledge of the game of basketball. Their vision to share the love of the game and the importance of fundamentals to prepare players to be elite athletes is unsurpassed!” – Steve Townsell, competitive team coach

Need To Know Camp Info

Freestyle Basketball Camp features a creative sports experience by teaching a European-style basketball education.

Think San Antonio Spurs and the quality basketball they play.

Freestyle has a unique camp environment that combines show, music, humor and amazing skill in a wide range of services.

The fun and Euro-style teaching comes from the background of owners Jasper and Ayla Eden.

Who is Jasper and Ayla Eden?

Combining for over 30 years of experience in both playing and teaching basketball, Jasper and Ayla are both former Netherlands Ayla Eden Basketball Campprofessional basketball players.

Ayla has a Bachelor in Health and studies Kinesiology, Sports and Lifestyle. She won two National Championships in the Dutch Women’s Basketball League.

Ayla also is a Certified Technologist. We’ll get into the unique service she provides below.

Jasper Ayla Basketball TricksJasper has a Masters in Physical Education and is a two-time National Freestyle Basketball Champ of the Netherlands.

Jasper has over 8 years running a sports business. He oversees all the educational methods used to teach campers!

Programs Offered

Camps – Freestyle offers a few day camps every summer in the greater Austin area. These camps are for players of all ages and skills levels.

Jasper and Ayla will provide individual attention to ensure every camper gets the help they need to take their game to the next level.

Private Lessons – Work one-on-one to achieve a player’s long term goals. Whether it’s an intro to basketball or perfecting pro-level offensive moves, Freestyle can help.

If you have a hoop available, Freestyle sports will also come to you!

In a private lesson, you can request to focus on sports performance. Freestyle will conduct an Athletic Capabilities Evaluation and get to work on a combination of coordination, power, balance, agility, and endurance.

Become a basketball Freestyler. In Europe, Freestyle Basketball (basketball tricks) is very popular. You son or daughter can learn how to do these tricks with one-on-one training with Jasper.

Very cool!

This video will introduce you to Freestyle Basketball:

Specialty Classes – These are a great way to learn specific basketball skills in a small group setting.

Classes include shooting, ball handling, and post play.

Clinics – These are PE classes for Elementary and Middle School aged students.

If you think your son or daughter’s school could benefit from fun and educational basketball training, consider a clinic!

Action Pictures

Freestyle Sports Action Shots

Another thing to add to the list of unique offerings of Freestyle Sports Camps is Action Photos.

Coach Ayla is one of only 80 people in the U.S. certified to take this type of photography.

An action basketball picture of your son or daughter would look great in the office!

Freestyle Basketball Camp Wrap-Up

Freestyle Basketball has a lot to offer campers. I believe what makes them unique is their creative approach to teaching basketball. The freestyle tricks mixes entertainment with education.

Jasper and Ayla’s experience playing professionally overseas gives them great experience in teaching Euro-Style fundamentals.

Again, think San Antonio Spurs. They aren’t flashy, but are consistently successful with the solid fundamentals of their international players.

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