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The Mavs have the coolest, best organized website out of all the NBA teams. I have to believe their owner, Mark Cuban has something to do with it.

He’s a tech oriented guy. I’m sure he told the Mavs operations, “I want the best NBA website out there”. And he definitely has it.

But enough of my thoughts. Here’s the camp info you’re looking for.

The Dallas Mavericks Basketball Camps are actually called the Mavs Basketball Academy. It consists of three different programs.

The three basketball Programs are the Hoop Camp, Elite Camp, and Skills Training.

The Hoop and Elite Camp are held during the summer, and the skills training is a six-week program held all year long.

Let’s learn a little more about each camp:

Mavs Hoop Camp

This is your traditional basketball camp.

Campers will learn the fundamentals of the game, and how to communicate with other teammates and coaches.

The Hoop Camp is perfect for beginner players who are new to the game. This camp may be for your son or daughter if they have played on their local YMCA team, or only play during the basketball season.

What’s great about the Hoops camp is the ton of greater Dallas locations and over 20 dates available to attend.

Check out the video below of Devin Harris at the Hoops Camp!

Mavs Elite Camp

The Elite Hoops Camp is perfect for players that have played for a school team, a club team, or have done small group training before.

At the Elite Camp a camper will receive more advanced training such as shooting mechanics, footwork, passing skills, defensive principles, and moving without the ball.

Mavs Skills Training

The Skills Training is a year-round program with one session a week for six weeks.

Similar to the Elite Camp, this training will be for players who have played on a club team, school team, or have done small group training.

The Skills Training will be a small group training environment. This is really good for personalized instruction and help with improving individual weaknesses.

Mavericks Camp Swag

Campers of the traditional Hoop Camp will receive:

  • 2 tickets to a pre-season Mavs game
  • Mave reversible jersey
  • Camp progress report
  • Hoop Camp fit deck
  • Personalized trading cards
  • Daily Giveaways
  • Memories for life!

Dallas Mavericks Basketball Camp Wrap-Up

I really like what the Mavs are doing for basketball players in greater Dallas.

They have the traditional camp geared towards younger players, and then the Elite camp for players who have some basketball experience.

The year-round Skills Training is great for players looking for training outside of the summer months.

Check out the Mavs basketball programs today!

Dallas Mavericks Basketball Camps

Must Watch Dallas Mavericks Basketball Camp Videos

Devin Harris visits the Hoops Camp!

Dirk visits the Hoop Camp!

Watch another Mavs player visit camp:

Camp & Reviews and Q&A

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Best Camp in Texas!

by Joe in Dallas
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The Mavs camp was so much fun last year! I met a bunch of new friends that were also quality completion.

It helped me learn to become a better team player too. We had a lecture by an older basketball player that taught us why it was good to focus on the team and not just our own play. Whatever's best for the team to win.

We played a lot of scrimmage games and tried to apply our skills we learned in stations. I really liked the Mavs gear they gave out too. I'm definitely glad I went to the basketball camp!


I Learned About Encouragement

by Swande D in Dallas
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The one thing I liked best about the Mavericks camp was the lecture on Encouragement. Encouragement to give it all I can. Encouragement to play, it's not just all about winning or losing but just having fun while you're out there. He encouraged us to stay in school and do good. Get the best out of education.

I wanted to get picked as a ballkid for the Mavs game. But never got picked :(. I want to go next year and hopefully get to be one so I can get up and close to Dirk.

Overall it was a good life and basketball encouragement experience!