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Chris Paul Basketball Camp

Need To Know Info

Chris Paul hosts two different camps for basketball players.

The first Chris Paul Basketball Camp has a pretty cool name, called the CP3 West Coast Youth Camp.

It’s hosted in San Diego and has a Day and Overnight Camp available.

The other camp is called the Elite Guard Camp and it’s for the best guard players in High School and College.

CP3 West Coast Youth Camp

What I love about the CP3 Youth Camp is that Chris Paul will actually be there every day of camp!

Chris will be doing things like giving personal lectures, interacting with campers, randomly refereeing basketball games, taking team photos, and signing one personal autograph per camper.

If you check out the photo gallery and the videos below it looks like Chris has a lot of fun with the campers too!

If you decide to do the Day Camp, notice how late it runs. Most camps end at 5-6pm. Not the Chris Paul Camp, it lasts until 9PM!

You are definitely getting your money’s worth.

CP3 Youth Camp Location

Chris Paul Basketball Camp GYM Location

The CP3 Camp is located at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) campus.

The location really has state of the art basketball facilities. The picture above is called the RIMAC Arena. It’s where the campers will be playing basketball.

The arena can be split up into 7 courts, so there’s plenty of room for full court games.

Also if you’re a night camper, you get to stay in some pretty sick dorms.

The dorms also have an all-you-can-eat cafeteria, game room with ping pong, big screen TV, and a chill lounging area.

Plenty of fun things to do after camp. Although with camp ending at 9pm, there won’t be much time left at the end of the day!

CP3 Elite Guard Camp

Chirs Paul Teaching Elite Basketball Guards

Chris Paul also hosts an Elite Guard Basketball Camp in his hometown of Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply sign up for this camp.

It’s invitation only and is for the top 30 High School and Top 15 collegiate point guards from across the country.

Definitely not your average basketball camp, but wanted to let you know about it.

Chris Paul Camp Swag

Chris Paul Basketball Camp TShirtEvery camper will receive:

  • Basketball Instruction
  • Meals
  • Camp T-Shirt (see photo gallery)
  • CP3 Branded Wristband
  • Photo with Chris Paul
  • One Personal Autograph per Camper
  • Player Evaluation
  • Medical Care
  • Memories For Life!

This isn’t guaranteed swag, but I think it’s pretty cool. Chris Paul has daily competitions for campers to win limited edition CP3 apparel and sneakers.

Practice on your jump shot to win some kicks like this kid:

Chris Paul Basketball Camp Contest Winner

Chris Paul Basketball Camp Wrap-Up

From everything I’ve read and watched, the CP3 Youth Camp looks legit.

You’ll get taught all the basketball fundamentals like a traditional camp, but you’ll also get to meet and hang out with Chris Paul.

If you’re a huge CP3 fan and want to get better at basketball, this may be your camp!

Check it out:

Chris Paul Basketball Camp

Must Watch Chris Paul Camp Videos

Behind the scenes look at CP3’s previous camp in NC (check out the swag!):

Another good look at what the CP3 camp will be like:

Chris Paul playing at his Elite Guard Camp:

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