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Atlanta Hawks Basketball Camp

Need To Know Info

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Camp has a lot to offer campers.

With 10 different dates available the camp can easily be fit into a busy summer schedule. Most camps are held in the months of June or July.

Locations include: Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, Suwanee Sports Academy, Wade Walker YMCA, Burdette Park Recreation Center, Sandtown Park Recreation Center, and East Lake YMCA.

The Hawks official camp website says campers will receive excellent instruction from qualified coaches. All skill levels are welcome. Campers will get basic fundamental training in a fun environment.

Awesome Discount

We all know the Atlanta Hawks love their fans. They offer a great camp discount for their most loyal fans.

If you have a Hawks membership you can get 20% off any camp!

What a great deal!


Camp Swag

The swag campers receive depends on if they attend a clinic or a summer camp. For the summer camp, you can get the following:

  • Official Atlanta Hawks T-Shirt
  • Headband
  • Water Bottle
  • Draft Day Photo
  • Ticket to future Hawks home game
  • Opportunities to win Hawks merchandise
  • Special appearance by a Hawks player, coach, alumni or mascot!

Hoops Day School

The Hawks also have a pretty sweet Hoop School for grades K-5th. The school is available year round in either the Spring, Fall, or Winter. They meet once per week to teach beginner basketball skills.

Sounds like a great program if a 3 day camp is too intense for a beginner basketball player.

You can even enhance the Hoops Day School by adding on Nike’s SPARQ training system. The training system increases quickness, agility, power, speed, and  reaction.


The Hawks offer several camp locations and dates, lots of swag, and basketball learning programs all year long.

If you’re a huge Hawks fan there’s nothing not to love about the youth programs offered. Watch the videos below to get a preview of the camps.

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Must Watch Videos

Pro giving a lecture at camp:

Another Pro giving a lecture at camp:

Good preview of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Camp:

Camp & Reviews and Q&A

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Would Not Recommend

by Anonymous in Atlanta
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Parents, we have had a negative experience with the Hawks basketball camp, and I would not recommend it for your kids.

My son came out of 3 days at that camp feeling really bad about himself and his basketball skills. They have a strong pecking order mentality, with kids appointed as team captains picking players, and if you aren't picked, you're on the bench, even if it is every time. The coaches are encouraging this. My son was a sub 3 times yesterday.

When I asked him what it means to be a sub, he said, "It means they don't think you are good at basketball." There is also a lot of smack talk, and a lot of this "better than" mentality. I am personally left with a negative impression of the Hawks approach to working with children. I believe that at this young age, kids should be taught skills but also positive team-building approaches, which can serve them not only in sports but in life.

The camp administrator told me it was not their policy to have kids appointed as team captains pick teams. Wouldn't recommend!