Best Basketball Training Videos

Pistol Pete Homework Basketball VideosThe Best Basketball Training Videos are by far the classic Pete Maravich or “Pistol Pete” Homework Basketball series.

Pistol will give you memorable tips for basketball techniques, like “milking the cow” when you throw a pass.

In his legendary four DVD (or VHS when I bought them) set, you’ll receive simple to understand training in ShootingPassingDribbling, and Ball Handling.

It’s like a basketball camp in your living room!

Even if you think you’ve mastered the basic skills of basketball. Pistol Pete’s homework will give you something new to work on or think about.

As a kid, I remember watching these videos countless times and imitating all of Pistol Pete’s dribbling and ball handling drills in my garage.

The tapes are fun and easy to follow.

Take look at these raving reviews:

“This a great collection of drills and instruction by the master ball handler himself. Highly recommend! These are the basics that any young player needs.”

“We bought these DVDs for our teenage daughter and she has watched them and worked on the drills. They are easy to follow and the tips are so applicable to the game today. Pete Maravich is a classic and definitely a one-of-a-kind player!”

“I purchased these for my sons as they like basketball. The drills are very fundamentally sound and help them work on all the aspects of basketball. Nice to have another “coach” when I’m unavailable.”

Buy it today and learn from a classic: Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball


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